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Mayor Masina urges for greater participation of business in driving development in the City


The second day of the Manufacturing Indaba was off to a riveting start as guests and captains of Industry engaged with the Executive Mayor of the City of Ekurhuleni. In his address this morning, Mayor Masina placed emphasis on the import of strategic partnerships with business. "This platform enables us the City and industry stakeholders to identify and align with the National Government's industrial development strategy and programmes. These programmes mainly involve the Industrial Policy Action Plan and the Special Economic Zones programme which are key in supporting the development of the manufacturing sector in the country and most certainly in Ekurhuleni as the home of manufacturing." Mayor Masina indicated.

The morning session also afforded Mayor Masina to clarify a number of burning industry matters, such as the increasing illegal mining in abandoned mine shafts in Ekurhuleni. "I have engaged the Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources, Mr. Godfrey Oliphant, about this emergent business concern. "The issue of illegal mining has become a societal hazard, but also it hinders on the city's ability to effectively deal with housing. We remain in talks with the Deputy Minister of Minerals on dealing with how best to assist illegal miners, as they engage in this practice due to socio-economic conditions. However, the urgent factor is to find an effective way to close off mine shafts urgently and where possible, rehabilitate land which can be utilized for developmental purposes."

As the Manufacturing Indaba draws to a close Mayor Masina has pleaded that the session should work towards a common strategic outlook. That government and business must work and think together about how to better respond to the country's opportunities for growth and use those opportunities to achieve the national objectives of ending poverty and reducing inequality.

Mayor Masina also lobbied captains of industry to partake in the establishment of a University in Ekurhuleni, so that there are correlating skills for the growing demand of industrialization in the City. The manufacturing Indaba today will continue with deliberations from leaders in various disciplines and is scheduled to be closed by the Premier of Gauteng, Hon. David Makhura.

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