Have Your Say on Council Owned Rental Housing Stock Tariffs


The City’s Human Settlements Department is running a 30-day public consultation on council owned rental housing stock tariffs.

Interested parties can check the latest tariffs and then send through their comments to . Closing date for comments is 22 September.

Member of the Mayoral Committee Cllr Lesiba Mpya will also participate in a syndicate broadcast on 2 September to discuss the City’s rental housing stock and the latest tariffs. Residents are encouraged to tune in from 18h00, and it will be broadcast live and streamed on Kasie FM linked to other radio – EKFM, Eden Radio and the City’s social media platforms.

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Help the City to understand our stakeholders by completing the quick questionnaire and sending it to us on

  • Male ____   Female _____  Other ____
  • Do you live in the City of Ekurhuleni?   Yes ____  No _____
  • Do you live in a municipal-owned rental complex?  Yes ____  No ____
  • Have you seen the new proposed rental tariff?  Yes ____  No  _____
  • What do you think of the new rental tariffs?  High ____ Low ____  Fair ____
  • Would you recommend municipal-owned rental complexes to anyone?  Yes ___  No ____