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It is the time to be merry, however people ought to be careful not to binge eat, but instead eat themselves healthy this festive season.
Healthy eating is identical to good eating behaviour all year round, with the exception that the temptations are much more says Diabetes South Africa.
“Festive season indulgences make it much more difficult to make the healthy choice but keep in mind that it should be a lifestyle and not just a diet.
“When you have a certain craving, enjoy that specific indulgent food but practice portion control. Satisfying the craving will prevent binging later,” said Diabetes South Africa.
Unhealthy diets such as fast foods are high in sugar contributor to non-communicable disease conditions. The best way to rule out obesity and over indulgence is adapting the diabetes plate method to help with portion size control:

• Half the plate should consist of fruits and vegetables
• One quarter of the plate should be ones’ choice of protein
• The other quarter should be any starch.