Water Outage Due to Decommissioning of Rand Water Line

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The decommissioning of Rand Water line and tie -in to the new constructed line happens this weekend, from 18h00 on 31 July to 13h00 on Sunday, 2 August.

This work will affect the following areas:  

  • Germiston CBD
  • Lambton and surroundings
  • Dikathole
  • Germiston industrial
  • Wadeville
  • Delmore and Ulana informal settlements

Water Tankers:

Tankers will be stationed at the following points:

  • Angus Street, Germiston CBD 
  • Queen Street, CBD (Pharoe Park)
  • Cross & Queen streets, CBD (next to civic centre)
  • Exodus & Junction streets
  • President & Power streets
  • Railway & Driehoek streets
  • Witdeep Road (entrance to Delmore)
  • Ulana informal settlement
  • Stanley & Main Reed roads (Makause informal settlement)