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The City of Ekurhuleni is calling on its customers to make payment arrangements should they have difficulty in keeping up with their electricity bill. Resorting to illegally connecting to the grid through meter-bypass or tampering with electricity is punishable by hefty fines or may lead to the perpetrator facing arrest and subsequent lengthy prison sentence.
As part of fighting electricity theft, the City through the Energy Department, EMPD and other stakeholders issued 1425 reinstatement fines to culprits
who were found to have bypassed, bridged or illegally connected their meter boxes to the grid between July and September this year. Those who were reconnected had to pay a reinstatement fine of between R4 100 and R22 000. During the same months a total of 3 400 illegal connections were removed in different parts of the City.
Those wishing to make special payment arrangements can contact the revenue office in any of the Customer Care Centres in the City.