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A vehicle hijacking can happen at any time and any place, but with a little precaution you can ensure that you are a little safer from a possible hijacking situation. 

While the circumstances of each ordeal may differ, it is important for you to know how hijackers think and operate so that you can adequately protect yourself against a possible hijacking of your car, motorcycle or truck. Knowing the targets they are likely to go for can help you protect yourself.

Most hijackings take place: 

  • Any time day or night,
  • In high crime areas or hot spots,
  • In the driveway of your home or business while the driver is waiting for the gate to open or close,
  • When a vehicle is stationary at the side of the road – ie when you’re talking on your cellphone,
  • In quiet parking areas where you can be easily followed, and/or
  • While you are loading or unloading passengers or goods and the vehicle is idling. 

Tips to keep in mind

There is no guarantee what action will prevent a hijacking, but here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.
  2. When returning to your parked car, be aware of the surroundings.
  3. Walk to your car confidently. Have your key ready but not visible. Only unlock your car when you are close by.
  4. Do not talk on the phone as you walk to/from your vehicle.
  5. Check the back seat before getting into the car, even if you left it locked. 
  6. Plan the safest route. Drive with a GPS and let someone know what your route is and when to expect you. This may mean adding up to 20 minutes to your travelling time and may also add to your kilometres. 
  7. Avoid high crime areas or hotspots. 
  8. Change your routes and your schedule, if possible, on a regular basis.
  9. Try not to drive late at night and/or the early hours of the morning when the roads are quiet.