Conflict of Interest

A conflict between the public duties and private interests of an employee, in which the Employee has private interests which could improperly influence the performance of his/her official duties and responsibilities.

Financial or personal considerations may influence, or appear to influence, the judgement of an Employee in conducting his/her duties.

Private Interests and company interests are mixed.

Business decisions are based on Private Interests.

The other interest/activity is so intensive as to distract an Employee from effective fulfilment of his/her duties.

Be diligent about your involvement where you know that family members or close friends/partners stand to benefit from contracts with the Municipality!


ALWAYS DISCLOSE WHEN YOUR FAMILY/PARTNER STANDS TO BENEFIT FROM MUNICIPALITY: An employee whose spouse, partner or close family member acquires or stands to acquire any direct benefit from a contract with the Municipality must disclose in writing to the City Manager

NEVER DO PRIVATE WORK WITH THE MUNICIPALITY: An Employee is prohibited from being a party to a contract for the provision of goods or services to the Municipality; or any other municipality or municipal entity.

SUPPLIERS ALWAYS DISCLOSE YOUR INTEREST AND PARTNERS/FAMILY MEMBERS WITHIN THE MUNICIPALITY– COE will also require disclosure from Suppliers and prospective Suppliers in the Municipality’s standard bidding documents.


NEVER DISCLOSE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION – Any Employee of the Municipality may not use the position or privileges of an Employee, or confidential information obtained as an Employee, for private gain or to improperly benefit another person.   

NEVER MAKE DECISIONS WHEN YOU ARE CONFLICTED – An Employee may not take a decision on behalf of Municipality concerning a matter in which that Employee or that Employee’s Family Member, business associate or friend, has a direct or indirect Private or Personal Interest

Private Work Outside

Additional work outside of your job may impact on your ability to perform optimally in your role.


Dos and Dont’s

Apply for permission to perform remunerative work outside the organisation.

Do not use municipal resources to perform other remunarative work.

ALWAYS APPLY FOR PRIVATE WORK: A staff member of COE may not engage or be engaged in any business, trade or profession other than the work of the COE, except with the prior consent of Council.