Ward Councillors

Ekurhuleni is divided into 112 wards, and a total of 224 councillors make up the council – of both elected (112 ward representatives) and proportional (112 councillors) representation. Each ward councillor chairs a ward committee as part of the Ward Participatory System that brings participation down to community level. New ward committees are elected after local government elections, which take place every five years.

Ward councillors play a central role in the communication process between the communities they represent and the Council, reporting back regularly through ward meetings and assisting the community in identifying needs and priority areas of development which feed into the municipality's planning processes.

Derek Edwin Thomson
Derek Edwin ThomsonDemocratic AllianceWard 01
Sylvia Nhlabathi
Sylvia NhlabathiAfrican National CongressWard 02
Maphela Dorcus Makwela
Maphela Dorcus MakwelaAfrican National CongressWard 03
Pat Jospehine Mkhabela (ANC)
Cllr Pat Josephine Mkhabela is a resident of Tembisa.
Pat Jospehine Mkhabela (ANC)Ward 04
Cell: 078 493 4115
Nkele Hellen Sathekge
Nkele Hellen SathekgeAfrican National CongressWard 05
Mbulaheni Alpheus Makhadi (ANC)
Cllr Mbulaheni Alpheus Makhadi is a resident of Tembisa who served on the Roads and Transport and Audit committees while a councillor from 1995 - 2006. During his term of office, he hopes to ensure the community is satisfied with the services received from Ekurhuleni.
Mbulaheni Alpheus Makhadi (ANC)Ward 06
Cell: 076 590 3787
Thabang Asaph Jiyane (ANC)
Cllr Thabang Asaph Jiyane is a resident of Tembisa. His political involvement started as a student activist at high school in 1986. During his term of office he hopes to ensure economic emancipation, where people must have access to economic opportunities at local level and eradicate illegal dumping.
Thabang Asaph Jiyane (ANC)Ward 07
Cell: 072 994 0327
Nomthandazo Phillipine Sibulawa
Nomthandazo Phillipine SibulawaAfrican National CongressWard 08
Joyce Dimakatso Dlamini (ANC)
Cllr Joyce Dimakatso Dlamini is a resident of Tembisa. Her involvement in politics started at an early age as a in Cosato advising workers about their rights in 1985. During her term of office, she hopes to ensure leadership development.
Joyce Dimakatso Dlamini (ANC)Ward 09
Cell: 079 394 4903
Selahlegile Simon Mokhethoa
Selahlegile Simon MokhethoaAfrican National CongressWard 10
Pritchard Xolani Mdekazi (ANC)
Cllr Pritchard Xolani Mdekazi is a resident of Tembisa. His political involvement started at school, when they started to fight to introduce SRCs in their school in 1984. During his term of office, he hopes to: Serve the community by giving them information and close the gap between the community and staff; Solve the problems of beneficiary houses in his ward.
Pritchard Xolani Mdekazi (ANC)Ward 11
Cell: 071 912 6290
Motlohi Simon Kwili (ANC)
Cllr Motlohi Simon Kwili lives in Tembisa. His political involvement started in 1976. Now in his second term as councillor he previously served on the Health and Social Development committee. During his term of office, he hopes to assist with service delivery matters.
Motlohi Simon Kwili (ANC)Ward 12
Cell: 072 9141553
Ndala Grootman Sibanyoni (ANC)
Cllr Ndala Grootman Sibanyoni is a resident of Tembisa and is serving his second term of office.
Ndala Grootman Sibanyoni (ANC)Ward 13
Cell: 082 258 5330
Nomusa Mavis Mathebula(ANC)
Cllr Nomusa Mavis Mathebula is a resident of Tembisa whose political career started while at high school in 1994. She was also a member of the SRC in the 90s. During her term of office, she hopes to ensure: Having a clean ward, Empowering young people, That all community members have access to information, Reduce crime, Establish street committees, Working hand in hand with all relevant structures.
Nomusa Mavis Mathebula(ANC)Ward 14
Cell: 060 464 2464
Amanda Davison (DA)
Amanda Davison (DA)Ward 15
Cell: 072 517 4121
Hendrik Jacobus Terblanche (DA)
Cllr Hendrick Jacobus Terblanch lives in Kempton Park, and his involvement in politics started in 2007 with him wanting to make a difference in his community. A councillor since 2011, he has served on the Public Transport and CPAD committees. During this term of office, he hopes to reduce crime, create an investment for job creation and provide service delivery in the ward.
Hendrik Jacobus Terblanche (DA)Ward 16
Cell:083 413 2420
Simon James Lapping (DA)
Cllr Simon James Lapping is a resident of Germiston. His political involvement started at school as a student activist with the DP youth and was a founding member of Democratic Alliance party in the 80s. In his term of office he hopes to ensure: Openness, opportunity for all and everyone to be treated fairly; Learn as much as possible and to add to promoting a better municipality; Holding those to be accountable and take the consequences for lack of accountability.
Simon James Lapping (DA)Ward 17
Cell: 078 350 5063
Heather Dawn Hart (DA)
Cllr Heather Dawn Hart is a resident of Edenvale. Her mother was a member of the black sash, and she become politicaly conscious at an early age. She served as a councillor from 2011 – 2016 and served on the City Planning and Economic Development committees. In her term of office, she hopes to create equality in service delivery throughout the City, proper maintenance in urban arears and a call centre that works.
Heather Dawn Hart (DA)Ward 18
Cell: 082 902 1834
William George Russel Rundle (DA)
Cllr William George Russel Rundle is a resident of Edenvale. His political involvement started when he was recruited in 2008. He has been a councillor since 2011 and served on the Roads and Transport committee. During his term of office, he hopes to work towards improving service delivery.
William George Russel Rundle (DA)Ward 19
Cell: 074 111 2488
Jill Ada Humphreys (DA)
Cllr Jill Ada Humphreys is a resident of Bedfordview. Her involvement in politics started when she assisted the previous ward councillor and become involved with the community in 1994. She served as a ward councillor in 2014 and was part of the Environment (oversight) committee. During her term of office, she hopes to ensure: Freedom, fairness and opportunity for all our residents; Effective and prompt service delivery; To achieve a well-run, clean and effective municipality.
Jill Ada Humphreys (DA)Ward 20
Cell: 082 450 0128
Frans Ngomane (ANC)
Cllr Frans Ngomane lives in Primrose. He got involved in politics to “change people’s lives so that there should be no segregation and for South Africa to belong to those who live in it” – that was in 1976. He later became shop stewart from 1982 – 2012 for Cosatu, Fawu, Saccawu, and Num and was the hawkers’ chairperson. During his term of office, he hopes to : Formalise the area of Makause, Delmore, Jerusalem, Ulana, Tswelopele and Angelo
Frans Ngomane (ANC)Ward 21
Cell: 076 321 5842
Ruhan Robinson (DA)
Cllr Ruhan Robinson is a resident of Boksburg.
Ruhan Robinson (DA)Ward 22
Cell: 079 816 1515
Andrè Du Plessis (DA)
Cllr André du Plessis, a resident of Bedfordview, started his political career as a volunteer in 2000. He was re-elected in 2016 and his goal is to play a role in protecting the environment, updating environmental policies and bylaws during this term of office.
Andrè Du Plessis (DA)Ward 23
Cell: 083 655 8187
Kabelo Reletile Mahonko (DA)
Kabelo Reletile Mahonko (DA)Ward 24
Pieter Jacobus Henning (DA)
Pieter Jacobus Henning (DA)Ward 25
Manqoba Frank Sarila (ANC)
Manqoba Frank Sarila (ANC)Ward 26
Jacques Meiring(DA)
Jacques Meiring(DA)Ward 27
Malanie Haggard (DA)
Cllr Malanie Haggard is a resident of Benoni. Her political involvement started at ’varsity, to “make a stance in opposition politics against segregation of students on campus, and I have always believed in equal opportunity for all” – that was in 1987. A councillor since 2011 – 2016, she served on the Corporate and Shared Services, MPAC and Programming committees. In this term of office, she hopes to offer effective service delivery and root out corruption.
Malanie Haggard (DA)Ward 28
Cell: 074 543 3992
Haseenabanu Ismail (DA)
Cllr Haseenabanu Ismail is a resident of Actonville, who moved into politics through community-based work. When he realised that there are times you can’t assit the community if you are not in politics he moved in that direction in 2011. A councilllor from 2013 he served on the Environmental and Human Settlements committees. During his term of office, he hopes to improve lives and ensure professional and efficient service delivery to the residents of ward 29.
Haseenabanu Ismail (DA)Ward 29
Cell: 082 378 4991
Stephen Jabulani Sibiya (ANC)
Stephen Jabulani Sibiya (ANC)Ward 30
Jacqueline Reilly (DA)
Cllr Jacqueline Reilly’s political involvement started as an activist for human, environmental and animal rights and politics was a natural progression in 2009. She was previously a councilllor in 2000, serving on committees Environment, Housing and Health. During this term of office she hopes to be fair and provide adequate services to all residents.
Jacqueline Reilly (DA)Ward 31
Cell: 082 786 8386
Marius Nico De Vos (DA)
Cllr Marius Nico de Vos is a Boksburg resident who works as an educator. His involvement in politics started in high school in the Free Nelson Mandla campaign organised by the UDF/MDM, when he was a member of the SRC in 1987. During this term of office, he hopes to see uninterrupted quality service delivery to all communities.
Marius Nico De Vos (DA) Ward 32
Cell: 081 5246950
Ashley Ronald Hoods (DA)
A Boksburg resident, Cllr Ashley Ronald Hood’s involvement in politics started in August 2012 when he was appointed as a DA staff member. In September 2012 he was appointed as a constituency officer for the Gauteng East Region. During his term of office, he hopes to provide residents of his ward, ward 33, with the best possible service and to represent them with integrity, honesty and distinction.
Ashley Ronald Hoods (DA)Ward 33
Cell: 083 607 5724
Charlie Robert Crawford (DA)
Charlie Robert Crawford (DA)Ward 34
Oupa Jonas Tshabalala (ANC)
Oupa Jonas Tshabalala (ANC)Ward 35
Wendy Bridgette Morgan (DA)
Wendy Bridgette Morgan (DA)Ward 36
Tiaan Kotze (DA)
Tiaan Kotze (DA)Democratic AllianceWard 37
Malcolm Tau Maifala (DA)
Malcolm Tau Maifala (DA)Ward 38
Aletta Rosaline De Beer (DA)
Aletta Rosaline De Beer (DA)Ward 39
Sibongile Martha Buthelezi (ANC)
Sibongile Martha Buthelezi (ANC)Ward 40
Vela Mabanga (ANC)
Vela Mabanga (ANC)Ward 41
Eva Sephiwe Ngcwama (ANC)
Eva Sephiwe Ngcwama (ANC)Ward 42
Bruce Reid (DA)
Bruce Reid (DA)Ward 43
Alfred Sibanyoni (ANC)
Alfred Sibanyoni (ANC)Ward 44
Makhosi Calinda Lehari (ANC)
Makhosi Calinda Lehari (ANC)Ward 45
Mziwandile Barnabas Wondo (ANC)
Mziwandile Barnabas Wondo (ANC)Ward 46
Reginah Thandi Nkosi (ANC)
Reginah Thandi Nkosi (ANC)Ward 47
Isabela Anna Ramasilo (ANC)
Isabela Anna Ramasilo (ANC)Ward 48
Pudi Jackson Makaleng (ANC)
Pudi Jackson Makaleng (ANC)Ward 49
Matsobane Joseph Lebelo (ANC)
Matsobane Joseph Lebelo (ANC)Ward 50
Jackson Makulube Mahoro (ANC)
Jackson Makulube Mahoro (ANC)Ward 51
Kenneth Boromane Nyathe (ANC)
Kenneth Boromane Nyathe (ANC)Ward 52
Mziyanda Mketsu (ANC)
Mziyanda Mketsu (ANC)Ward 53
Desmond Kimberley Mxolisi Sabi (ANC)
Desmond Kimberley Mxolisi Sabi (ANC)Ward 54
Nozipho Meisie Mabuza (ANC)
Nozipho Meisie Mabuza (ANC)Ward 55
Fanifani Moses Radebe (ANC)
Fanifani Moses Radebe (ANC)Ward 56
Nomshado Elizabeth Radebe (ANC)
Nomshado Elizabeth Radebe (ANC)Ward 57
Velile Gladstone Zide (ANC)
Cllr Velile Gladstone Zide is a resident of Greenfield.
Velile Gladstone Zide (ANC)Ward 58
Cell: 073 459 4133
Clr S. Mathonsi
Clr S. MathonsiWard 59
Eugen Nkosinathi Shabalala (ANC)
Eugen Nkosinathi Shabalala (ANC)Ward 60
Phillemon Lifu Nkosi (ANC)
Phillemon Lifu Nkosi (ANC)Ward 61
Chrisman Elvis Ngobe (ANC)
Chrisman Elvis Ngobe (ANC)Ward 62
Nomsa Margaret Phakati (ANC)
Nomsa Margaret Phakati (ANC)Ward 63
Anna Linah Mkhize (ANC)
Anna Linah Mkhize (ANC)Ward 64
Shadrack Jonathan Mabaso (ANC)
Shadrack Jonathan Mabaso (ANC)Ward 65
Patricia Mabuza (ANC)
Patricia Mabuza (ANC)Ward 66
Jerry Leshalabe Moimana (ANC)
Jerry Leshalabe Moimana (ANC)Ward 67
Aletta Thesia Leotlela (ANC)
Aletta Thesia Leotlela (ANC)Ward 68
Vusi Lawrence Ndhlovu (ANC)
The year 1976 is when this Daveyton resident, Cllr Vusi Lawrence Ndhlovu, started out in politics inspired by the student uprisin. During his term in office, he hopes to change the lives of the people in terms of housing, employment and poverty alleviation, make sure there is service delivery in the ward and proper information delivered to residents.
Vusi Lawrence Ndhlovu (ANC)Ward 69
Cell: 078 312 7791
Romeo Makoe Mokone (ANC)
Cllr Romso MakoeMokone is from Daveyton, having gotten involved in politics in 1986 while still in primary school. During this term of office, he hopes to gain knowledge of local government and all the systems in place.
Romeo Makoe Mokone (ANC)Ward 70
Cell: 073 146 0285
Solani Silawula (ANC)
Solani Silawula (ANC)Ward 71
Rameshlal Sheodin (DA)
Rameshlal Sheodin (DA)Ward 72
Sinethemba Rodney Matiwane (DA)
Cllr Sinethemba Rodney Matiwane is from Benoni. His political involvement started when he wanted to bring change in the community, that was in 2005. He hopes to improve service delivery to the community and Ekurhuleni at large during his term of office.
Sinethemba Rodney Matiwane (DA)Ward 73
Cell: 082 390 4839
David Thulani Simelane (ANC)
Cllr David Thulani Simelane is a resident of KwaThema.
David Thulani Simelane (ANC)Ward 74Cell: 072 574 6159
Dean Desmond Stone (DA)
Cllr Dean Desmond Stone lives in Brakpan North. His involvement in politics started as an activist with a belief to stand up for the rights of the community. He was previously a councilllor in 2006, serving committees SRAC, Roads and Transport and Corporate and Legal. During this term of office, he hopes to serve the residents of his community to the best of his ability.
Dean Desmond Stone (DA)Ward 75
Cell: 082 806 4584
Samson Pieterson Shabangu (DA)
Cllr Shadow Samson Pieterson Shabangu is a resident of KwaThema and has been a councillor since 2000, serving committees SRAC and Development Tribune. During his term of office, he hopes to ensure service delivery.
Samson Pieterson Shabangu (DA)Ward 76
Cell: 082 454 6975
Johannes Zenzile Sibeko (ANC)
Cllr Johannes Zenzile Sibeko is a resident of KwaThema. His involvement in politics started by joining a union in 1986. During his term of office, he hopes to address the aspirations of the community that he lives in.
Johannes Zenzile Sibeko (ANC)Ward 77
Cell: 083 355 9238
Petunia Zanele Nyakale (ANC)
Cllr Petunia Zanele Nyakale is a resident of KwaThema.
Petunia Zanele Nyakale (ANC)Ward 78
Cell: 081 432 7915
Zwelibanzi Gift Ngwenya (ANC)
Cllr Zwelibanzi Gift Ngwenya is a resident of Springs.
Zwelibanzi Gift Ngwenya (ANC)Ward 79
Cell: 084 845 1295
Johannes Wilson Busakwe (ANC)
Cllr Johannes Wilson Busakwe is serving his second term as an Ekurhuleni councillor, having previous served on the City Planning and Economic Development committees. During this term of office, he hopes to achieve more regarding leadership skills and to communicate more with the community relating to issues affecting them.
Johannes Wilson Busakwe (ANC)Ward 80
Cell: 072 538 5979
Makhosazana Glorius Gwayana (ANC)
Cllr Makhosazana Glorious Gwayana is a resident of Tsakane. Her political involvement started by attending public meetings in her ward which made her realise that she wanted to be part of the decision making - that was in 2009. She hopes to play a role in ensuring service delivery in her term of office, as well as teach the community as to where to go should they have challenges with the municipality.
Makhosazana Glorius Gwayana (ANC)Ward 81
Cell: 083 418 6772
Henry Christopher Buitendacht (ANC)
Cllr Buitendacht lives in Brakpan, getting involved in politics when political challenges were faced in the 80s. This dictated that he could no longer be an on looker to the challenge but needed to join the stuggle. He served as councillor from 1997 – 2000, serving committees Tendering Sub Committee, Human Resource and Economic Development. During this term of office, he hopes to improve service delivery, improve on citizen participation and local economic development.
Henry Christopher Buitendacht (ANC)Ward 82
Cell: 084 946 5599
Monica Busisiwe Masuku (ANC)
Cllr Monica Busisiwe Masuku is from Tsakane, whose political involvement started in 1985 as a member of Cosas. During her term of office, she hopes to prioritise service delivery in her ward and wants to be the eyes and ears of the community.
Monica Busisiwe Masuku (ANC)Ward 83
Cell: 082 221 5042
VacantWard 84
Moses Sipho Sibiya (ANC)
Cllr Moses Sipho Sibiya is a resident of Tsakane, who is a regional co-ordinator at Gauteng City Region Academy. His involvement in politics started in 2005 when he joined ANCYL as the ward co-ordinator. The reason for the involvement was to ‘ensure that I assist the country in achieving non-sexist, prosperous and united South Africa’. During his term of office, he hopes to reduce the rate of unemployment, initiate annual programmes.
Moses Sipho Sibiya (ANC)Ward 85
Cell: 073 135 9462
Nonkululeko Pearl Salmane (ANC)
Cllr Nonkululeko Pearl Salmane is a resident of Duduza. Her political involvement started at high school, a time when teenage pregnancy and gender equalities were burning issues in her community. During this term of office, she hopes to ensure a community that is free of social crime and bring in more development within her community, such as skills development centres for youth and women.
Nonkululeko Pearl Salmane (ANC)Ward 86
Cell: 079 191 9965
Simon Bongani Hlope (ANC)
Cllr Simon Bongani Hlophe hails from Duduza and his political involvement dates back to 2000. This is when he joined youth politics because he felt there was a need for young people to participate so they can be aware of what happens around them. During his term of office, he hopes to see the City competing with the best in the world, and see poverty and equalities eradiated.
Simon Bongani Hlope (ANC)Ward 87
Cell: 073 992 6321
Wollaston Labuschagne (DA)
Cllr Wollaston Labuschagne comes from Springs and his political involvement started by joining the community policing forum in Springs in 2013. He served on sub forum exco as secretary during 2014/15. After serving as secretary of Springs Afriforum branch, he became involved with Springs DA constituency. During his term of office, he hopes to improve service delivery, arrange transparency of RDP housing list and assist in growing the economy in his ward in order to stimulate job creation.
Wollaston Labuschagne (DA)Ward 88
Cell: 082 413 4318
Gregory Raymond Malebo (ANC)
Cllr Gregory Raymond Malebo is from Tembisa and has been involved in politics since 1975. He served as a councillor previously from 2000 - 2011, serving on the committees: Environmental and Community Safety. During his current term of office, he hopes to improve the lives of the people in his ward.
Gregory Raymond Malebo (ANC)Ward 89 Cell: 076 293 3649
Hendrick Ntate Selwana (ANC)
Cllr Selwana, a resident of Tembisa, has been in politics since 1985. During his term of office, he hopes to learn more about the municipality, governance, and how to serve the community.
Hendrick Ntate Selwana (ANC)Ward 90
Cell: 082 589 1168
Desmond McKenzie
Desmond McKenzie Ward 91
Cell: 082 454 4407
VacantWard 92
Geoffrey Isaac Mthembu (ANC)
Cllr Geoffrey Isaac Mthembu is from Reiger Park, but grew up in Rustenburg where his interest in politics was peaked. He started participating on ANC structures in 1994 as a volunteer. During this term of office, he hopes to ensure honesty and work with the collective, making sure that he works hand-in-hand with the community of ward 93 and account to the community.
Geoffrey Isaac Mthembu (ANC)Ward 93
Cell: 072 608 6988
Marina Van Wyk (DA)
Marina Van Wyk (DA)Ward 94
Khehla Phillip Madlala (ANC)
Khehla Phillip Madlala (ANC)Ward 95
Stenias Ranias Mashala (ANC)
Cllr Stenias Ranias Mashala is a resident of Daveyton. His involvement in politics started when he realised how his mother was ill treated by her late employer, while she was working as a domestic worker. That experience made him to join politics, so that he could effect regime change - that was in 1984. He was previously a councilllor in 2013, serving committees Community Safety, City Planning and Economic Development.
Stenias Ranias Mashala (ANC)Ward 96Cell: 083 499 8615
Brandon Pretorius (DA)
Brandon Pretorius (DA)Ward 97
Tefo Patrick Motaung (ANC)
Cllr Tefo Patrick Motaung is a resident of Duduza who plans to ensure implementation of the IDP, clean audit, and understanding of communities.
Tefo Patrick Motaung (ANC)Ward 98
Cell: 078 278 5785
Precious Mduduzi Luvalo (ANC)
Cllr Ernest Precious Luvalo is a resident of Geluksdal.
Precious Mduduzi Luvalo (ANC)Ward 99
Cell: 079 287 3660
Phokwane Watch Mabotha (ANC)
Phokwane Watch Mabotha (ANC)Ward 100
Tshehlagotjea Johannes Matabane (ANC)
Tshehlagotjea Johannes Matabane (ANC)Ward 101
Mokibelo Samson Sebetha (EFF)
Cllr Mokibelo Samson Sebetha lives in Tembisa. His involvement in politics started in 1994, when he joined as a community leader. During his term of office, he hopes to serve his community with the service delivery they expect from him, as he was elected by the people to represent them in this council.
Mokibelo Samson Sebetha (EFF)Ward 102Cell: 074 071 4432
Sadrick Thulane Matheba (ANC)
Cllr Sadrick Thulani Matheba is a resident of Palmridge, who is a community Liaison officer. He has served in the ANC branch for the past 20 years, Sanco the past 15 years and is currently serving as a regional treasurer of Sanco in Ekurhuleni. During his term in office, he hopes to ensure good governance and education.
Sadrick Thulane Matheba (ANC)Ward 103
Cell: 072 033 2182
Tracey Lourenco (DA)
Cllr Tracey Lourenco is a resident of Kempton Park, who is a technical products manager. Her political involvement started when she began tackling environmental issues in her area, and continued to challenge the culprits. Previously she was a councillor in the 2011 – 2016 term, serving on the Environmental committee. During her term of office, she hopes to ensure: A high quality of service delivery in all competencies and to make sure officials are accountable
Tracey Lourenco (DA)Ward 104
Cell: 082 451 2255
Stefanie Ueckermann (DA)
Cllr Stefanie Ueckermann is a resident of Brakpan. During her term of office she hopes to uplift and uphold a high level of service delivery, improve development on social and economic levels.
Stefanie Ueckermann (DA)Ward 105
Cell: 076 541 9717
Bruna Teresina Haipel (DA)
Cllr Bruna Haipel is a resident of Alberton. Her involvelvement in politics started in her community as a concerned resident relating to municipal rates in 1994. She has been a councillor since 1995, serving committees such as Water and Energy, Local Economic Development and PPP. During her term in office she hopes to assist with: Efficient and effective service delivery; Employing the correct people for the correct jobs; Effective supervision of contractors; and Implementation of bylaws.
Bruna Teresina Haipel (DA)Ward 106
Cell: 082 454 6956
Thabani Moses Goje (ANC)
Thabani Moses Goje (ANC)Ward 107
Johannes Pilane (ANC)
Cllr Johannes Letsema Pilane is a resident of Katlehong.
Johannes Pilane (ANC)Ward 108
Cell: 073 756 0287
Masele Sophet Madihlaba (ANC)
Cllr Masele Madihlaba is a resident of Etwatwa whose political involvement started while he was in high school. Now serving his second term of office he previously sat on the Corporate and Shared Services, Human Settlement and OCMOL committees. In this term he hopes to ensure that the people of Ekurhuleni get the best quality service they deserve.
Masele Sophet Madihlaba (ANC)Ward 109
Cell: 083 372 3444
Sarah Lebogang Mnisi (ANC)
Cllr Sarah Lebogang Mnisi is a resident of Chief Albert Luthuli and got involved in politics in 2000 at Harry Gwala squatter camp, when she started attending political and community meetings. During her term of office, she hopes to address the issues of sport facilities, library services, deal with youth and women unemployment, fight nyaope and other drugs that affect the youth.
Sarah Lebogang Mnisi (ANC)Ward 110
Cell: 083 572 0689
Tshepiso Petros Mondlane (ANC)
Cllr Tshepiso Petros Mondlane is a resident of Langaville. His political involvement started in high school as a member of Cosas, then later joined the ANCYL in 2001 and became ANC branch secretary. During his term of office, he hopes to ensure good governance and better service delivery.
Tshepiso Petros Mondlane (ANC)Ward 111
Cell: 060 429 4607
Nomalanga Annah Mnguni (ANC)
Cllr Nomalanga Annah Mnguni has been an Ekurhuleni councilllor since 2006, serving committees Health, Roads, MPAC and Human Settlements.
Nomalanga Annah Mnguni (ANC)Ward 112 Cell: 083 369 9435