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The City of Ekurhuleni has a population that is estimated at 3,894,262 wherein over 60% are youth who faces a higher unemployment reality. Having realized the imperative that the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is the engine of the regional economic development, growth and transformation, the City has resolved to demonstrate stronger commitment to enable service delivery levels that are responsive by focusing on the enablement of job creation for the youth through public-private-partnerships.

In a concerted effort to scale the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme (EPEP), the City of Ekurhuleni has opted to leverage its private sector partnerships in the implementation of further phases of the EPEP to maximize the impact, scale-up and to enhance its delivery capabilities. The City intends to collaborate and harvest creative thinking and innovation of the private sector, public bodies, NGOs and NPCs in the area of public employment through this Request for Strategic Partnership Proposals.


The City of Ekurhuleni invites suitably qualified organizations to submit strategic partnership proposals to implement multi-year job creation programmes for placement and/or employment of a minimum of 200 youth (inclusive of matriculants and graduates) per programme in the following areas:

  • Urban Management and Enforcement.
  • Agriculture Development, Food Security, Community Poverty Alleviation and Social Empowerment.
  • Youth Development, Social Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship Development and Business Advisory.
  • Vocational Skills Development Work Readiness and Placement.
  • Industrial Pollution Management, Waste Picking, Sorting & Recycling and Environmental Management.
  • Renewable Energy, Mobile Communications Technology, Electronics, and Satellite System Installation
  • Financial Services and Recoveries.
  • ICT, BPO, Call Centre, Data Management and Analytics.
  • Township Economy Development, Compliance and Regularization.
  • Media, Television, Social Media and Creative Industries.
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Road Safety, Traffic Control & Management and Community Safety.
  • e-Commerce and Last Mile Delivery Services.


A well-researched, conceptualized, designed and costed private-partnership project proposal/business plan that can place and/or employ and train a minimum of 200 matriculated youth and graduates for a minimum period of 6 months noting the following conditions:

  • The project should impact on youth between 18 – 35 years through training, mentorship and job placement.
  • The project should be directly implemented by the City of Ekurhuleni in partnership with the private sector and/or non-governmental organizations wherein the matriculated youth and graduates will be directly sourced from local communities (i.e. within the 112 wards and/or locality where the project is being implemented and/or within 5km distance from the project implementation).
  • The project should comply with the Presidential Employment Stimulus condition wherein 70% of the allocated budget will be paid directly to the beneficiaries as monthly stipends in accordance to the approved remuneration scale, whereas the balance of 30% shall be payable to the successful strategic partner for project initiation, administration and management. 
  • The project should be implementable as per agreed timelines and implementation conditions of the Public Employment Programme.

A detailed project proposal/business plan that reflects the following critical areas:

  1. Project Description & Scope
  2. Strategic Objectives
  3. Operational Model:
  4. Recruitment Plan.
  5. Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
  6. Skills Development Plan.
  7. Project Deliverables.
  8. Project Management Capacity & Mechanism
  9. Strategic Partnerships
  10. Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Plan.
  11. Project Closure & Exit Plan

 Applicable Conditions of Eligibility

  1. A Detailed Organizational Business Profile
  2. A 15-20 pages Project Proposal/Business Plan that is labour-intensive, practical, cost effective and Implementable; and a project summary in five (5) PPP slides.
  3. Declaration of Interest (Form MBD4)
  4. Valid CSD Registration
  5. BBBEE Certification
  6. 2 x Relevant Business References
  7. Successful Strategic Partners will be expected to enter into a Service Level Agreement with the City of Ekurhuleni.
Method of Submission: All project proposals should be submitted via email to:   Manual submissions will NOT be accepted.Closing Date:   31st October 2022   Time: 10h00am
  No late applications will be accepted after the closing date and time The City reserves the right to appoint multiple institutions to implement the programme