City Planning Department


Custodian of the Ekurhuleni Spatial Plan, the City Planning Department provides support services, integration, reporting and monitoring related to the spatial planning in the City. This also includes the management of billboards and related advertising.

In short, this department looks to ensure optimal planning and land use for Ekurhuleni, and to consider and approve, where appropriate, land development applications.

When it comes to ensuring that the City’s spatial footprint meets the needs of communities, as per the City’s integrated development plan (IDP) – it: ensures that levers such as policies and budget adequately respond to the spatial trajectory of the City



Office of the HOD

Heading up this department is Matubatse Matubatse.


Corporate Geo-Informatics

This division is responsible for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), land survey and geotechnical services. GIS this is mapping technology that allows you to create and interact with a variety of maps and data sources.


City Operations and Special Projects

Over and above facilitating the strategic urband developments (SUD) / large scale urban development that is of a metropolitan wide strategic nature and of critical importance in building the City as envisaged in the GDS, IDP,


Building Control and Outdoor Advertising

Building control involves: Approving building plans, Building inspections, Initiating legal actions as per legislation, Motoring vacant, dilapidated and or abandoned buildings


Metropolitan Spatial Planning

Unlocking of dolomitic land for development and land survey – measuring and determination of the property size and its boundaries – is the responsibility of this division within City Planning.