COO: Service Delivery Coordination

Lesiba Mojapelo
Lesiba Mojapelo
Tel: 011 999 0006/0608/1542

About Chief Operations Officer (COO) Office

The office of the COO is responsible for the overall smooth running of operations in departments and monitoring of service delivery.

It is headed by Lesiba Mojapelo, who brings with him the institutional memory and flair in capital budget spending required to move service delivery speedily. He has served Ekurhuleni in various capacities including as head of infrastructure services, 2010 and special projects and roads and storm water.

He holds a master’s degree in transport engineering and an MBA.


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CRM (Customer Relations Management)

Nestled in the Office of the Chief Operations Officer is CRM, which deals with the overall management and integration of customer relations within the City. This office manages the call centre – a centralised system where residents can log calls relating to services and seek information about services provided by the City.

Tel: 011 999 3695