Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)


The EPMO Enterprise Programme Management Office (EPMO), a business unit that is located within the Office of the City Manager, was established to promote standardized planning and implementation of projects across the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) thereby ensuring sound, sustainable, effective, transparent, and accountable management of financial resources resulting in the enhancement of service delivery.


To create an environment that enables successful implementation of projects and programmes to ensure that the CoE’s vision of being a smart, creative and developmental City is attained.


To provide a solid foundation and leadership for the CoE enterprise-wide projects and programmes by creating an environment of project management proficiency whereby projects are implemented effectively and efficiently, stakeholders gain the benefit of carefully planned investments on infrastructure, and all stakeholders win through improved service delivery. 

Service Offerings

EPMO is responsible for offering the following key services to its CoE stakeholders, which are of critical interest to the City’s political and administrative leadership in ensuring the delivery of the City’s constitutional mandate: 

  • Facilitate the setting up and maintenance of a standard project management methodology comprising of processes, procedures and systems to be used across the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) in its implementation of projects.
  • Establish or formalize and ensure continuous effective functionality of departmental project management offices (PMOs) across the CoE.
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and coaching of staff assigned to departmental PMOs on project management best practice models and technological developments and trends.
  • Facilitate the coordination of work and initiatives and promote collaboration amongst PMOs.
  • Source and provide on an ad hoc basis critical human resource capacity and expertise where requested or deemed necessary.
  • Establish and manage panels of service providers for usage by infrastructure development departments on an as and when required basis.
  • Ensure alignment between planned projects and CoE strategy and service delivery imperatives.
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation on the implementation of projects to optimize their delivery within set quality standards, budget and time.
  • Provide real-time and fit-for-purpose performance reports on CoE projects delivery for use by various stakeholders including the CoE political and administrative Leadership.

Office of the Head: EPMO

The Office of the Head: EPMO, headed by Mabela Jonathan, is responsible for the provision of leadership and for the delivery of the City of Ekurhuleni’s enterprise-wide projects and programmes by creating an environment of project management proficiency through sound administrative, financial support and human resource support.

The EPMO staff members that report directly to the Head: EPMO are as follows:

  • Divisional Head: Capital Projects
  • Divisional Head: Strategic Support; and
  • Executive Manager: Support Services.

In additional, an Executive Secretary provides secretarial and administrative support to the Head: EPMO.

The graphic representation of the Office of the Head: EPMO is as reflected in Annexure A that accompanies this text.  


Capital Projects Division

Provision of support and oversight on planning and implementation of capital projects Establishment and management of panels of service providers for usage by infrastructure development departments Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for capital projects delivery Preparation and co-ordination of performance reports on capital projects

Strategic Support Division

Development and implementation of Methodology, Processes and Standards Development and implementation of an Integrated Project Management System Provision of training and coaching to staff involved in projects Conduct of research and development on project management.

Support Services Division

Facilitation of the development of the departmental SDBIP Facilitation of performance reporting to various CoE governance structures by EPMO Facilitation and provision of HR services in liaison with the HR Department Ensuring good governance practices by EPMO Ensuring prudent financial management Facilitation of stakeholder and client liaison.

Department Contacts Details

Office of Head: EPMO

Support Services Division:

Capital Projects Division:

Strategic Support Division: