City of Ekurhuleni

Ekurhuleni Business Centre

Ekurhuleni Business Centre

The Ekurhuleni Business Centre (EBC) is a platform built to drive the City's enterprise development goals. It hosts a wide range of enterprise development initiatives together with other entities as co-locators focusing on enterprise development and entrepreneurship development and support.

The enterprise development framework for the centre is:

  • Champion efforts to alleviate poverty, economic empowerment and township economic development strategy through the provision of enterprise development, entrepreneurship, incubation projects and innovation business support services and funding;
  • Provide economic infrastructure and market access opportunities in order to enable enterprise development and incubation; and
  • Leverage strategic partners in the enterprise development value-chain to employ the co-location business model in their endeavour to provide services to emerging entrepreneurs.

This business centre is divided into three main sections:

  1. The Business Place will focus mainly on 'walk-ins', those individuals who walk in for business advice and coaching. Trained business mentors and coaches will be available to assist with the incorporation and compliance.
  2. Businesses will be assisted by the Tender Advice Centre to access business opportunities, more especially from Ekurhuleni. More importantly, it is charged with the responsibility to train businesses on how to complete the Ekurhuleni tender document and provide general tender training. The centre aids businesses to access opportunities from state-owned enterprises and progressive blue-chip companies.
  3. The SEDA Enterprise Development Programme brings to the table comprehensive small business development programme, comprising:
    1. Business Planning Support Services
    2. Quality Assurance Services
    3. Export Awareness Programmes
    4. Office co-location and Business Advisory services; and
    5. Any other services that may be deemed necessary to have an impact on the economy in the areas around EMM.