City of Ekurhuleni

Ekurhuleni Investment Centre

Ekurhuleni Investment Centre

Investment facilitation activities are provided at the Ekurhuleni Investment Centre (EIC). All core functions of the Industrial Investment Facilitation Division will be  performed at this centre.

The centre will operate under the following principles and objectives:

  • All strategic land acquisition and release proposals are subjected to the EIC and Development Facilitation Committee (DFC) processes.
  • All strategic investment and development proposals and/or applications are subjected to the EIC and DFC turnaround timeframes.
  • Reduce turnaround time for decision-making from 13 weeks to five (5) weeks.
  • All strategic development and investment proposals and/or applications are submitted via the one-stop-EIC.
  • All strategic development and investment proposals and/or applications are subjected to a due diligence process and fast-track system of the EIC.

The EIC boasts two main facilities established to enhance investment facilitation and promotion activities:

  1. Investment and Development Application Window
    The application window provides one-stop investment and development application facilitation processes. All major and strategic investment and development applications will be processed through an electronic document management system to provide an improved turnaround time for decision making and support for these investments and developments.
  2. Investment Lobby Lounge
    Established to provide for networking activities with investors, developers and business at large, the lounge will also host business delegations visiting the City for potential investment and business opportunities.

The EIC will work closely with the Gauteng Investment Centre (GIC) - an initiative of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA).

Investment facilitation framework for the centre includes:

  • To increase domestic and foreign direct investment into the City. The overall objective is to contribute to the City's economic growth and development and create more sustainable job opportunities for the majority of the City's population;
  • To develop, promote and facilitate domestic and foreign direct investments;
  • To create a conducive business and effective collaborative environment  to attract investment and develop exports; and
  • To facilitate the development and promotion of exports and provision of aftercare services for business and investment retention and expansion.

The City of Ekurhuleni aims  to attract and facilitate value of investment to the tune of R6, 5 billion per annum.