What is Ethics?

Ethics is the moral conduct or the moral philosophy of individuals, it defines the way to live in a morally accepted manner. Organisational Ethics refers to the values and standards that determine the interaction between an organisation and its stakeholders

– Adapted from Rossouw & Van Vuuren. 2010. Business Ethics (4th edition).

Ethics is about doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. 

Ethics (or integrity) is the foundation for good corporate governance.  COE Council is committed to ensuring that we are ethical in all we do. Ethics is balancing what is good for one’s self and what is good for others.

Why ethics?

Perfomance Excellence, Integrity, Transparency, Community centeredness AND Co-operative Gorvernance are core values for the City.

Integrity means to act consistently on a set of ethical principles. Ethics are rules of conduct aimed at ensuring morally justifiable behaviour. We believe ethical conduct is inherently the right thing to do. Earning and continuing to command trust are fundamental to the success of the City of Ekurhuleni. Our employees and stakeholders should be confident that we will deal with them failrly and ethically.

The Integrity Management Framework addresses the following behaviour that could jeopardise the integrity of COE employees and its stakeholders as it may result in unethical behaviour and/or corruption:

  • Conflict of interest;
  • Fraud, bribery;
  • Gifts, entertainment, hospitality and other benefits;
  • Unauthorised private work outside EMM;
  • Nepotism and favouritism;
  • Unauthorised use of EMM assets;
  • Facilitation payments;
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How to make ethical decisions?

  • Is it legal/procedural? Labour Relations Act/Code of Conduct
  • How will it look in a newspaper? Reputational Damage
  • Is it consistent with the organisation’s values? Code of Conduct/Ethics
  • Is it fair to all? Candidates
  • If I do it, will I feel bad?

Get Advice/Training:

Should you require information or are facing an ethical dilemma, please contact the Ethics Office on 

Request Ethics Training for your department from the Ethics Office.

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