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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division

This Division is responsible for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Land Survey and Geotechnical Services.

GIS: The Section is responsible for the capture, update and management of property data and information both spatially and its attributes, i.e. erf, address, zoning, landuse, and venus coding. The Section directs Corporate GIS policy and provide spatial information and support to all users within COE area in order to facilitate informed decision-making and enable users to achieve their objectives with ease. Land Survey: The Section is responsible for the verification of property boundaries, peggings and lodging of Council owned land upon surveying.

Surveys are limited to Municipal Land, RDP houses first ownership and Indigent persons. The Section is also responsible for Maintaining Municipal Cadastre in accordance with the requirements of the Surveyor General and offer Support to other Departments in the Municipality.

Geotechnical Services: The Section implements the Dolomite Risk Management Plan as approved by Council, i.e. compliance of wet services in accordance with the SANS 1936 with new and/or improvements of properties in dolomitic terrain. The geotechnical Section has two areas of focus: Unlocking of Dolomitic Land – The provision of Land available for large scale investment and Rehabilitation of Sinkholes, Subsidence and Related Life Threatening Hazards.