City of Ekurhuleni

Why Choose Ekurhuleni?

Working Hours

  • Non Technical Staff : 08h00-13H00; 13h30-16h30
  • Technical Staff : 07h00-12h00; 12h30-15h30
  • Staff working shifts : As determined by the relevant shift system

Basic Leave benefits

as per applicable Conditions of Service

Normal Vacation Leave

  • 5 day worker : 24 days leave p.a.
  • 6 day worker : 27 days leave p.a
  • Shift worker : As determined by the relevant shift system

Sick Leave

  • 5 day worker + 6 day worker : 80 working days over a period of 3 years
  • Shift worker : 54 shifts in a 3 year cycle

Special Leave

  • Maternity Leave;
  • Injury on duty;
  • Study & Examination Leave;
  • Family Responsibility Leave;
  • Court Attendance;
  • Sport on provincial level or higher (for a maximum of 3 days per event);
  • Attendance of Classes;
  • Attendance of conferences, meetings, etc.

Trasport Allowance Scheme

Only applicable to transport allowance bearing positions.

Cellular Phone Allowance

Only applicable to Cellular Phone Allowance bearing positions.

Induction course

Presented to all new employees on their first working day regarding the function of Council, employee benefits.

Study bursaries

Available to employees on certain conditions, for studying at Council approved Institutions, and provided sufficient funds are available.

Long service awards

A once-off additional leave allocation is granted to employees on 10 years’ uninterrupted service and every five years thereafter

Annual bonus

An annual bonus equal to one month’s salary, is paid to all permanent staff members on the anniversary of their appointment.

Housing subsidy

A housing subsidy calculated on a sliding scale up to a maximum of an R85000,00 registered bond, is payable, subject to certain conditions.

Group life scheme

Membership of a group life scheme is available. Contributions to this scheme is based on 2% of the member’s salary paid by the member and 2% paid by Council. The cover is up to a maximum of 3x the member’s annual salary, subject to certain conditions and the option exercised by the member . 

Medical Aid Benefits

Membership to one of Councils approved medical aid funds is not compulsory.  Council pays 60% of an employees’ monthly contribution, towards a members elected medical aid fund, up to a maximum amount determined annually.

Pension/Provident Fund Benefits

Membership of one of Councils approved Pension or Provident funds is compulsory.  Council contributes up to 22% of an employees’ monthly salary towards his / her elected fund.