City of Ekurhuleni

Your CV

What is needed in the CV.

The following is needed on the Curriculum Vitae:

  • Reference number of vacancy applied for
  • Personal details
  • Contact details (preferably more than one contact number)
  • Race and gender for equity purposes
  • Driver’s licence: Driver's license codes with expiry dates
  • Professional driving permit (PRDP) with expiry date, if applicable
  • Registration with applicable institutions such as HPCSA List of all qualifications – what, when, where and duration of course Experience – name of company, job title, period employed, reason for termination, and short summary of duties
  • Disability status (optional)
  • Reference contact names and numbers

Is a cover letter needed, if so, what must be in it?

  • A short covering letter which includes the reference number of the vacancy may accompany each Curriculum Vita.
  • Disclose information which might have an influence on your appointment.