Recent Electricity Supply Outages In Germiston Are Receiving Attention


The City of Ekurhuleni has been experiencing frequent electricity supply disruptions in the Germiston area.

A number of secondary electrical failure events were triggered by the failure of one of the Eskom 40 MVA transformers installed at the Kreupelhout Street (also known as the 2ndInput) substation in Wadeville.

This resulted in limited supply capacity and switching configurations to customers within the supply area of the substation. Limited supply capacity refers to the undesirable situation where the electricity load drawn by business, industry and homes exceed that which is available at the substation.

As a result of the demand exceeding supply, the supply equipment then trips on overload, leaving large areas without a supply, until the load reduces again to allow the full load to be switched back on. During these periods, City technicians are able to restore partial load, matching that which is available from the remaining functional transformer at the substation. Unfortunately, all areas cannot immediately be restored during these overload events.

Immediate remedial actions:

  • The City and Eskom were able to drastically reduce the timeframe required to replace the Eskom transformer and the indicated time for completion is Saturday, 13 July 2019;
  • A new 11,000 Volt cable was temporary installed and commissioned on 3 July 2019, to enable load to be distributed between two primary substations, and this will lead to more load being accommodated (and less trips on overload); and
  • Any 11,000 Volt cable and equipment faults will receive immediate attention.

Medium term arrangements:

  • A new security tender will be in place by the end of July 2019, which will make provision for special early warning notifications to a Control Centre before cable theft takes place;
  • Video cameras and pepper spray alarm systems and more equipment will be installed in substations;
  • All cameras and early warning notifications will be monitored in three security control rooms and reaction teams dispatched as and when required;
  • All meter tampering will be followed up and necessary actions taken, residents are urged to not partake in this practice; and
  • Illegal connections will be removed, again residents are urged to not partake in illegal electricity connections.

Long term arrangements:

  • Atom Road substation will be upgraded and have double capacity in the next 2 years.
  • Russel Road substation will also be refurbished and upgraded.
  • Frequently failing cables will be replaced and upgraded where necessary.

The City of Ekurhuleni is urging all its customers to use electricity sparingly during times of electricity shortages.

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