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About prepayment meters

About prepayment meter

What happens to the prepaid meter when I sell my house?

  • If you have the conventional meter where power is supplied directly from the Council there is a reconnection fee and deposit payable to the Council. However in the case of a prepaid meter, this is not the case. In order to have power you will need to buy prepaid units and load them into the unit.
  • The prepaid meter remains the source of power supply to the property and the new owner/tenant will need to buy units in order to have electricity. (See how to buy prepaid units)
  • The keypad remains the property of the municipality.
  • The prepaid meter manual as well as the card should be passed on to the new owners/tenants of the property. If not the Council can be approached for a copy of both (there is a charge involved for a duplicate card).
  • Contact the Electricity Call Centre to get your name off the system for the prepaid unit if you have sold your property.


What if my pre-paid electricity meter does not accept my token?

  • There will be a message on the display pad if your token is not being accepted after you have punched in the token number. Check in the meter’s user manual what the message or code means that is displayed (the messages on the keypad will differ depending on the type of meter that has been installed).
  • Make sure the meter number on your token is the correct number applicable to your property. Given the possibility of fraud, this token cannot be replaced.
  • The token number you are trying to enter may have already been used. The ‘Used token’ message will appear on the screen of your meter in such cases. If the meter number reflected on your token is correct, your meter may be faulty. Visit your nearest Electricity Call Centre for further investigation and replacement thereof.
  • Communication could be slow between the keypad and the meter, especially during peak times. Wait a few minutes. If it will still not load, then call the Electricity Call Centre.


What if I lose my pre-paid electricity token before using it?

  • If it is a numeric (paper) token, go to the vendor or the municipal office where you bought the token and ask for a reprint of your token. You must be able to supply the cashier with all the necessary details such as date of purchase and the value of the token.
  • You can also visit the call centre during office hours (08h00 – 16h30).


What about power outages in the area?

  • For power outages, street light faults and the like, contact the Services Call taking Centre at 0860 54 3000.