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Getting a Prepayment meter

Getting a Prepay meter

How to apply for prepaid meter

You can apply for a prepaid meter as a new application meter, which means that there is no existing meter installed, or you can apply to change from the conventional -  or credit - meter to a prepaid meter. In both instances the process to apply is the same.

It’s a matter of visiting the Electricity Service Centre in your customer care area, where you will be given a form to fill in (or you can download the forms available on the sidebar).

Remember to take along your latest water and lights account (if you are changing from the conventional/credit) as well as your ID.
You need to visit the office closest to the area in which you want to have prepaid installed. See information block.

What does it cost to install a prepaid meter?

When you apply for a prepaid meter to be installed a cost estimate will be given to you. The cost to install is calculated according to the value of the property where the meter must be installed, as well as if there are any additional electrical needs in order to be able to install the prepaid meter. This includes the laying of additional electrical cables, for instance.


How long does it take to install a prepaid meter?

After applying for a meter a service delivery agreement is signed with the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.  Under normal circumstance it takes eight (8) weeks after your application has been submitted and approved. However, in cases where there are additional needs, such as laying of electrical cables, it can take anything from two to six months.

The technical staff from the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality will contact you and inform you when installation is to be done.

That once the meter is installed it is for that property only. It is also illegal to remove the keypad or meter, which are Council property.

Can prepaid meters be installed in townhouse complexes/blocks of flats?

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality does NOT provide townhouse complexes/blocks of flats with prepaid meters if the power supply is provided in bulk electrical services to the complex (not provided directly to each of the individual units). Installation of prepaid meters in these instances must be done by the building contractors (in the case of new development).

In existing complexes/flats, installation of prepaid meters will be at the cost of the body corporate with an outside service provider and NOT the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

In cases where the meters are installed by an outsider service provider and NOT the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality any problems with the prepaid meter will need to be addressed by the outsider service provider.

Please note that if the units within a complex/block of flats has its own individual electricity meter (meaning there is no bulk supply of services but direct to the unit) then the Council can install a prepaid meter on application request.

Installing the meter

There are different meters that are installed, which is dependent on the approved service provider that is contracted out by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality at the time. Prepayment meters are available from 20 Ampere to 80 Ampere for a single phase (230 Volt) service connections and 20 Ampere to 100 Ampere per phase for three phase (400 Volt) service connections.

You will receive, when your meter is installed, a manual on how the meter works together with a token card. Please keep this in a safe place.
When your meter is put in, you will get 40 units of electricity to tie you over until you are able to buy units the next day. Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is the ONLY municipality to do this. The 40 units should last for 24-36 hours in an average household.

The 40 units are not for free, they will be charged to your account, and as soon as you buy units the 40 will be deducted.  You will also receive an advisory letter when your meter is installed which will give you a list of the main prepaid vendors within your area for your convenience.