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Be Waterwise This Summer – Swimming Pool Tips to Save Water

With the summer season characterised by high demand of water and dwindling dam levels, looming, residents are reminded that saving water is critical.

If you are gearing up to fill up your swimming pool the following tips may help you save water and put money back in your pocket:

  • When filling up your pool keep a close look at the levels as an overflow can result in a costly waste of water.
  • A pool cover reduces evaporation and inevitably water loss.
  • If your pool is heated reducing the pool and spa water temperature will reduce evaporation and save water.
  • Fix leaks as leaks on either the pool or the pool equipment can result in a substantial waste of water.
  • If you can do without the fountains and waterfalls, shut them down. The aeration effect causes evaporation and water loss.
  • The pool filter is better cleaned manually, and you will save water.
  • Diving, splashing and water games are fun but a waste of precious water.

Stealing water from a fire hydrant is a criminal offence, and those found doing so face a hefty fine or a jail sentence.