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Dustbin Warriors Care For The 240l Wheelie Bins

dustbin warriors 2Three young men from Tsakane don’t only wash 240ℓ wheelie bins for residents to make money, they also safeguard them from thieves.

Theodore Rabutapi (24) from Tsakane is the brains behind the Dustbin Warriors. Narrating on how they started their business, Rebutapi said a couple of months ago they saw an elderly woman struggling with washing her 240ℓ wheelie bin.

“The bin is deep by design, making it hard to reach the inside if you want to wash it thoroughly. So, we decided then that our core business would be to help out residents and wash the bins at a minimal fee – and that’s how it all started,” said Rabutapi.

The Dustbin Warriors have scheduled Mondays and Wednesdays to collect, wash and return 240ℓ wheelie bins safely inside the households of residents that have entered into an agreement with them.

They charge a R50 monthly payment for dustbin wash and care. This project has seen a decrease in lost or stolen wheelie bins claims, as residents are given assurance of their bins safety by the Dustbin Warriors. Money made on a monthly bases is used to buy cleaning material such as washing detergents, wash cloths and hand gloves. They also share the money to get their wages.

The Dustbin Warriors do not only clean 240L wheelie bins, they have also embarked on educating residents about the dangers of illegal dumping on open spaces.

“Some residents do not use their wheelie bins for the intended purpose of containing waste and, as a result, they end up dumping waste illegally on open spaces, an act which we rebuke in the strongest terms and we continuously encourage people to use the 240ℓ wheelie bins,” added Rabutapi.

The Dustbin Warriors are looking to rope in more young people into the project, especially with school holidays approaching. Rabutapi says he has already started to recruit youngsters to join them during school holidays and many have shown interest.

Residents who wish to use the Dustbin Warriors services can find them at the Corner of Malandela and Ndabezitha Street next to the old Engen Garage in Tsakane.