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The City of Ekurhuleni informs the public of change of contact details and address for the Insurance and Risk section that deals with public liability claims. The public liability claim is submitted when a third party suffers losses attributable to the actions or neglect of the Municipality or any of its employees, subject to the claimant discharging necessary onus of proof.

The Insurance and Risk section is now situated on the 2nd Floor, 141 Victoria Street, Golden Heights Building in Germiston, and may be contacted on 011 999 6550.

Liability claims can be done in one of following three ways:

  • Through the submission of a claim on the prescribed claim form directly with the Municipality’s Insurance and Risk section.
  • By approaching an attorney to issue a letter of demand or summons on behalf of the claimant against the Municipality.
  • By claiming against own insurance cover and asking the underwriters to recover the losses from the Municipality.

The public can claim for any loss suffered as a result of the conduct, omission, neglect or actions of the Municipality, whether accidental or not, which resulted in a loss to that particular member of the public. The loss must be proven and quantified.