City of Ekurhuleni

How to make a request for information

  1. Access to information that is not automatically available shall be requested by:
    1. Completing the prescribed Form A (“request form”) in Schedule 1 38.82 Kb
    2. Payment of the prescribed request fee as stated in Schedule 2 23.71 Kb hereto.
    3. The request fee should be paid into the Municipality’s bank account:

      City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality,
      Bank Nedbank,
      Account: 1119114993,
      Branch Code: 198765,
      Reference: PAIA12781420911MKZZZZZ16

      and the required proof of such payment plus the completed and signed application form submitted to the Information / Deputy Information Officer – .
    4. The prescribed form must be completed with enough particulars to at least enable the Information officer to identify the following particulars:
      • The records required by the requester;
      • The Identity of the Requester or the requester’s agent (if any);
      • What form of access is required, if the request is granted;
      • The telephone number, postal address or fax number of the requester;
      • The manner in which the requester wish to be informed of the decision of the Information Officer.
      • The capacity in which the request is made in the event the information is requested on behalf of somebody else.
  2. A personal requester must state that the information is required in order to exercise or protect a right, and clearly indicate what the nature of the right is to be exercised or protected. In addition, the requester must clearly specify why the record is necessary to exercise or to protect such right.
  3. After the Information Officer has made a decision on the request the requester must be notified of such a decision in such manner, which the requester wanted to be notified in.
  4. The requester must indicate if the request is for a copy of the record or if the requester wants to inspect the records at the offices of the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.
  5. Access to the aforesaid information will only be granted to the requester in a manner requested, unless such manner would unreasonably interfere with the running and operation of the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality or damage its record or infringe its copyright.
  6. If for practical reasons access cannot be given in the requested manner but in an alternative manner, then the fee for access will be calculated according to the manner that the requester had requested.
  7. If the requester is unable to read or write, or has a disability, then they can make the request for the record orally, in which event the Information Officer will complete the form on behalf of such requester and furnish the requester with such completed form.
  8. City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality will process the request within 30 days, unless the request contains considerations that are of such a nature that an extension of the 30-day time limit is necessitated.
  9. Where an extension of the 30-day time limit is required, the requester shall be notified, together with explaining why such extension is necessitated.
  10. Information will be made available after payment of the prescribed access fee.

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