Housing and Recruitment Fraud

Housing Fraud

Housing fraud includes:

Unlawfully paying money or making any benefits to council officials in return for RDP house, service stands and rented council property or stands.

Queue jumping in order to receive benefit unlawfully.

Council officials soliciting money in return for rendering service to Human Settlement

Forgery of a prospective beneficiaries’ signature, or impersonating a beneficiary as well as unlawful occupation of RDP houses.

Subletting RDP houses or property without permission

Unlawfully paying or offering money to municipal staff in return for municipal land or RDP Houses.


  • Immediately report allegations of housing fraud
  • Make sure your application is legal


  • Do not pay for RDP houses
  • Do not pay an individual for municipal land/houses
  • Do not pay to be on the top of housing list/database.

Recruitment Fraud

Many innocent job seekers have fallen victim to recruitment fraud.

Be vigilant at all times: “Cash dealings are commonly associated with malicious activity. If you have to pay then it’s likely to be a scam”




  • Never pay any cash to individuals for jobs or interviews.
  • Remember fraudsters can use COE logo to list fake vacancies to make them seem genuine.
  • DO NOT respond to false job adverts and invitations via social media.