Licencing Fraud and Traffic Offences

Licencing Fraud

Did you know? 

  • Buying for your license is a form of bribery and corruption and is a criminal offense!
  • Owning a fake driver’s license has fatal consequences!
  • Buying a driver’s license is just that same as any other crime!


If you know of any driving examiners who are soliciting bribes report the incident immediately.


Never pay bribes/facilitation payments to driving instructors or examiners

Traffic Offences

Paying a bribe to a police/traffic officer is a criminal offence! Paying a bribe to a Police/traffic officer may seem like the easy way out, but in reality, you are contributing towards the widespread of corruption in our country. You can be prosecuted!


  • Be ethical and acknowledge that you made a mistake.
  • Be on the safe side! Pay for traffic fines.
  • Report traffic officers who try to solicit bribes from motorists


  • Do not be tempted to pay a bribe to a traffic official
  • Never offer gifts or favours to traffic officers