City of Ekurhuleni

Strategic Urban Developments

Opportunities abound for investors and entrepreneurs to participate in a plethora of projects in the Aerotropolis and greater Ekurhuleni area. Huge potential exists for many of these projects to attract foreign direct investment.  The City has registered and facilitated several large scale projects that are valued at billions of rands, and which have the potential to create a significant amount of jobs over the next 10 years.

Strategic Urban Development

Strategic Urban Development: An SUD is a large scale urban development that is of a metropolitan wide strategic nature and is of critical importance in building the City of Ekurhuleni as envisaged in the GDS, IDP, MSDF and CIF. An SUD is typically initiated and led by the private sector or a State Owned Enterprise and typically straddles two or more townships.

The following criteria are used to identify SUDs:

  • Profile of developer – funding, capacity, ability, track record;
  •  Project location – CIF priority areas;
  • Strategic compliance – GDS, IDP, sectoral plans and environmental compliance;
  • The total size of development – buildings per sqm and land requirement;
  • Project implementation timeframe;
  • Job creation in the construction, operational phase, including direct, indirect and induced employment;
  • Skills development – Internal and external initiatives;
  • Industry sector – Strategic compliance;Total rand value of investment – Capital and operational expenditure;
  • Total economic impact – Construction and operational phase;
  • City of Ekurhuleni income generation;
  • Private infrastructure investment – Percentage of total investment value;
  • Export demand – Export turnover as percentage of total annual turnover;
  • Environmental management spent – As percentage of annual turnover;
  • Inclusiveness and social cohesion;
  • Number of housing units to be provided;
  • Project readiness;
  • Project funding; and
  • Project requirement from City of Ekurhuleni – Development, processes, land and infrastructure.

 At present the following SUDs are being developed in the City.  Detail on each is provide in the brochure.

  • OR Tambo International Airport Precinct
  • Tambo Springs Inland Port
  • Prasa-Gibela Railway Manufacturing plant
  • Leeuwpoort Housing Development
  • Riverfields Mixed-Use Development
  • M&T Industrial Development
  • S&J Industrial Park
  • Carnival Junction
  • GreenReef
  • Lord’s View Industrial Estate
  • Glen Gory Mixed Use Development
Download this file (Emm_printready_Update_sub.pdf)SUD Brochure & SUD Location Map[ ]8213 kB
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