City of Ekurhuleni

Corporate Statement

Corporate Statement


The Smart, Creative and Developmental City.


Ekurhuleni provides sustainable and people-centred developmental services that are affordable, appropriate and of a high quality. We are focused on social, environmental and economic regeneration of our city and communities, as guided by the principles of Batho Pele and through the commitment of a motivated and dedicated team.


Performance excellence

Through excellent teamwork, we strive to continuously improve our skills, processes and systems. Our service will be responsive, professional and of a high quality.


Displaying honesty, respect, dignity and caring in our work and discouraging all forms of discrimination. Taking ownership of all we say and do towards everyone around us.


Ensuring that all stakeholders have access to relevant information through a consultative approach that ensure accountability to each other and to the community.

Community centeredness

Based on the principles embodies in Batho Pele, we grow respect through involving communities and ensuring development. The people we serve and represent, come first.

Co-operative governance

As a sphere of government, we will initiate, evaluate and implement legislative and regulative measures to be accountable and transparent to all spheres of government and stakeholders, through, amongst others, promoting and constructively participating in international, regional and provincial programmes.