City of Ekurhuleni

Council Policies

The following policies apply to all Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality employees. They also govern any other individuals working on Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipal premises, including partners of and suppliers to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.


Folder Budget Related Policies


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Annexure D14 Borrowing Policy (remains unchanged) ( pdf, 374 KB ) Popular
Annexure D14 Policy for the Vending of Pre paid Electricity (Reviewed) ( pdf, 230 KB )
Annexure D15 Cash Management Policy (remains unchanged) ( pdf, 365 KB ) Popular
Annexure D15 Policy For Correction of Meter Reading and Billing Data (Reviewed) ( pdf, 175 KB )
Annexure D16 Electricity Metering for Residential and Small Business (reviewed) ( pdf, 494 KB ) Popular
Annexure D16 Electricity Tariff Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 332 KB )
Annexure D17 Virement Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 347 KB )
Annexure D2 Pricing Policy(Reviewed) ( pdf, 399 KB )
Annexure D20 Treasury Policy ( New consolidation of various policies) ( pdf, 903 KB )
Annexure D21 Consumer Agreement Policy (reviewed) ( pdf, 448 KB ) Popular
Annexure D21 Allocation for Grant in Aid (new) ( pdf, 487 KB ) Popular
Annexure D22 Renewable Energy loss mitigation draft policy (remains unchanged) ( pdf, 505 KB ) Popular
Annexure D22 Provision of Free Basic Water Supply Services Policy ( reviewed) ( pdf, 374 KB ) Popular
Annexure D23 Supply Chain Management Policy ( pdf, 1.54 MB ) Popular
Annexure D3 Property Rates Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 363 KB )
Annexure D4 Provision of free Basic Electricity Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 248 KB ) Popular
Annexure D5 Solid Waste Tariff Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 497 KB )
Annexure D6 Consumer Deposit Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 390 KB )
Annexure D7 Indigent Support Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 434 KB )
Annexure D8 Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy (Reviewed) ( pdf, 437 KB ) Popular