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City and MCA host 4th Future Mobility Roundtable


The Mobility Centre for Africa (MCA) conducted extensive consultations with various stakeholders in the three spheres: government, academia and industry during the past six months. During these consultations, it became clear that South Africa and the rest of Africa cannot afford to sit back and watch as disruptive technologies determine the course the transport industry takes.

The MCA convened very successful 1-day roundtable events in Durban (October 2017), Johannesburg (November 2017) and Cape Town (February 2018). Representatives from government, public entities, academia and industry shared their perspectives on future prospects for South Africa and the rest of Africa. Whilst all other stakeholders can play a role in developing future mobility solutions, government remains the main catalyst in creating a conducive environment. It therefore became necessary for MCA to address the policy and legislative issues that need attention of government and how industry and academia can support this endeavour. This matter was addressed extensively at the 3rd Roundtable meeting in Cape Town in February 2018.

The 4th Future Mobility Roundtable

The City of Ekurhuleni will host the next Future Mobility Roundtable, which will focus on predicting future scenarios in line with the City's vision for 2055 on 11 April. As the host for this event, the City has developed a long term strategic roadmap under the banner of Vision 2055. In response to this bold vision, the MCA now wishes to challenge all sector specialists, thought leaders, experts and academics to predict how the future of mobility will evolve over the years to 2055. In the true spirit of unconference, the MCA has crowdsourced the prediction topics from the various specialist and thought leaders in the following areas:

  • 1)Mass Transit Systems – Rail, Buses, Aviation, Hyperloop, etc.
  • 2)Micro-Transit Systems – 1st and Last Mile, Ride-sharing, etc.
  • 3)Drones and Aviation Convergence
  • 4)Smart Airport Cities and Aerotropoli
  • 5)Connected, Autonomous and Electric Vehicles, AI, IoT, Ecosystems
  • 6)Emerging and Future Jobs, Skills Gaps, Education and Training
  • 7)Freight Logistics and E-commerce
  • 8)Cyber Security, Privacy and Cloud Computing

This event will be attended by 100 middle to senior managers from government, academia and industry, who will help deliberate on these predictions and also recommend the course for the future of our nation.

About the MCA:

The Mobility Centre for Africa NPC (MCA) was borne out of a need to start a dialogue on and plan for the disruptive forces that are shaping the transport industry. The MCA has been established and registered as a non-profit company (NPC) and its objective is to bring together government (in all spheres), industry and academia to collaborate in finding lasting solutions to some of the country's major problems areas that include road crashes, congestion, emissions and affordability of transport.

Solving some of these problems requires an out-of-the-box thinking, taking cognisance of the changing way of life caused by disruptive technologies. Whilst some of the emerging digital trends like shared and connected mobility will help solve some of the problems, they themselves bring negative disruptive elements like job losses and distracted driving.