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city pumps up ITS WATER storage capacity


With the significant increase in demand for water due to the rapid and continuous growth in the City, Ekurhuleni is adding six reservoirs and two towers to its already 72 reservoirs and 30 water towers.

An additional 35 reservoirs and 10 towers will be constructed over the next three years. The first-of-its-kind mega reservoir project is envisioned to address the high demand, and water storage needs.

"This year, from 18 to 24 March, the country marks National Water Week and during this time we are reminded that water has no substitute and all efforts need to be made to conserve it. While the City is geared up to play its part in conserving water, residents need to contribute by using water sparingly," said MMC for Water, Sanitation and Energy Cllr Tiisetso Nketle.

She added that although dam levels are sitting at 92.8% capacity, there is a need for the community to adopt behavioural changes with regard to handling of water. These include no watering between 07h00 and 17h00, to use a bucket to wash cars and repair all leaks in the home - because every drop counts.

The building of the reservoirs will boost the City's water storage capacity so that should there be a water supply interruption each reservoir will still have enough stored water to supply customers the blue drop quality water for up to 48 hours.

Each reservoir, once completed, will be connected directly to the existing water transmission system. This allows the bulk storage to be held in close proximity to where demand has been identified.

Below is a list of the reservoir names and areas which they will supply:

Reservoir names

Current Stage


Areas To Be Supplied

Construction of a new 22Ml Bredell Reservoir


22 ML

Bredell , Pomona

Construction of a new 25Ml Kempton Park Reservoir


25 ML

Kempton Park CBD

Construction of a new 5Ml Benoni Reservoir


5 ML

Benoni CBD

Etwatwa Ext 19 Water Tower and Pipeline Phase 2


1.5 ML


Etwatwa Ext19 Water Tower


10 ML




5.5 ML

Benoni North , Northmead

Welgedacht Reservoir and Tower


1.5 ML

Welgedacht (Persida)

Zulu Xhosa reservoir


18 ML

Zulu Xhosa

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