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IS YOUR Early Childhood Development FACILITY REGISTERED?


Is your child's crèche fully equipped to take care of your little one? This is one of the questions parents need to ask themselves when sending their child to an Early Childhood Development (ECD) facility.

Registration with the City is one of the indications that the facility you entrust with the care of your child is safe and capable of providing such care.

Already, the City's social development health practitioners have assisted around 300 funded and unfunded ECD facilities to be properly registered. A registered facility is confirmed by a registration certificate, which parents must ask to see before they enroll their children.

There are two types of registrations: ECD partial care facility registration certificate and the ECD learning programme.

The partial care certificate confirms that the registered facility is in a safe and secure environment that is clean and operating in a well looked-after building, with constant adult supervision. The certificate may be a conditional registration for centres that are still in the process of development. Full registration is for facilities that meet all the required norms and standards set by the social development division. The ECD learning programme certificate is for the programme that is offered by the facility

Knowing that your child's facility is registered gives peace of mind that a child is in safe hands. Thus, the City of Ekurhuleni has developed guidelines for all registered ECD facilities to comply with, these include ensuring that:

  • The facility employs properly qualified ECD practitioners or principals;
  • The school menu provides nutritious meals for the different age groups;
  • All children have access to a creative play area at the ECD partial care facility as they learn through play;
  • The facility complies with all the bylaw requirements set by the City Planning and Health departments;
  • The facility must deliver an approved learning programme.

Despite the fact that a facility may have attained certificates confirming their registration, regular visits are done by social workers and environmental health practitioners to assess whether the facility maintains the norms and standards of a conducive learning environment.

The consequences of operating an unregistered ECD is that the facility may be shutdown. However, this can be avoided by following these three simple steps to register:

1.Inform a social worker at your local Customer Care Centre that you want to register your ECD facility and learning programme;

2.Pass a series of requirements including compliances with applicable municipal by-laws to ensure that your facility provides a secure and healthy environment for the little ones;

3.Complete the relevant forms and submit them to the Department of Social Development office in Germiston at Number 40 Catlin Street, Germiston.

For more information on registration, contact the City's Health and Social Development Department on 011 999 6678.