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The City urges motorists to be responsible and pay any outstanding traffic fines. There are facilities dotted across the City where you can pay your fines at your convenience, including electronic platforms.

There are walk in facilities, like the Post Office, CCCs, municipal courts, as well as various website and through your bank on internet banking. In the event you feel a traffic fine was unfairly issued, several recourses are available. Submit a written representation; see a senior public prosecutor or contest the fine in court. Ignoring the fine and hoping that it will disappear is unwise as it could end up with a magistrate issuing a warrant of arrest, thus leading to your arrest or you forking out a huge unbudgeted amount to stay out of jail.

On Sunday, 29 October, between 9am and 13h30 at the intersection of Overburry and Swartkoppies roads in Alberton, 21 drivers with warrants of arrests on unpaid traffic fines were detained and compelled to dig deep into their pockets to pay a total of R17 600 to avoid sleeping in police cells.

Twenty-eight other drivers paid their outstanding fines on site – with no warrants issued – totaling R15 520 to ensure that they stay on the safe side of the law.

Motorists are urged to periodically check the status of their traffic fines to avoid undesirable consequences. 

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