Urban Design Policy

The Urban Design Policy is the basis for broader urban design thinking in spatial planning and is intended to provide the policy foundation around which a number of related activities will revolve, specifically the precinct planning process, as well as the activities of the Urban Design Review Committee. The key principles that are being explored in the development of this policy are:

  • Make Connections – Development should seek to integrate with its context by establishing connections to and from surrounding urban system, maximising permeability through the site, and ensuring continuity of movement through the neighborhood
  • Create Positive Edge Conditions – Development should ensure positive edge conditions between new and existing, between built and natural, and a clear transition between public, semi-public, semi-private and private realms
  • Define an Appropriate Activity Response – Development should reinforce and enhance existing patterns of activity where appropriate, promote diversity and layering of uses, and provide opportunities for as wide a range of user groups as possible
  • Non-Motorised Movement – Development should reinforce the role of non-motorised transport, providing for safe pedestrian and cycling movement, and linking to public transport systems
  • Place-Making and The Public Realm – Development should seek to enhance the overall public environment, reinforcing the character of an area, and creating usable and memorable public space opportunities
  • Sustainability and Resilience – Development should consider sustainable development responses, enhance protection of and access to biophysical resources, and adopt a physical response that can adapt to changes over time.

The review process provides the means for the municipality to assess the extent to which major development applications are aligned with the Urban Design Policy and the specific precinct plan that may apply to the application or development proposal. The composition of such a panel is likely to include municipal officials and representatives, as well as experts in the field of urban design and design review.

EMM Draft Urban Design Policy 16 March 2017