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Transport and Fleet Management Department


To provide high quality, integrated, and well-maintained transport infrastructure and integrated public transport systems, ensuring a high degree of mobility and choices to commuters;

To provide a centralized fleet management function that will give service across City thereby manage cost, monitor utilization and overall risk regarding its fleet; and

Ensure an improved provision of an efficient public transport system.



Office of the HoD

Landela Mahlati is the HOD resposible for optimizing the Transport & Fleet Management value chain through effective strategic planning, directing and alignment of functional management frameworks and operational delivery. Ensuring compliance with the Supply Chain Management policy, accounting practices and Local Government Acts, Governance and Batho Pele principles. Meeting transport and fleet operational objectives and organizational demands.

Strategic Planning & Support Services

Strategic Planning is responsible for the development of departmental outcomes for implementation through the long and short term planning documents.


Fleet Management is responsible for ensuring an efficient end-to-end COE fleet asset administrative service which includes vehicle selection, purchasing, registration, licensing, and traffic fines management, accident management, tracking and monitoring, vehicle repairs & maintenance and disposals.

Technical Planning & Implementation

The Projects Section is mandated to provide sustainable Public Transport Facilities which meets the demand, improve accessibility, improves the livelihood of residents of City of Ekurhuleni (CoE), enhance Public Transport Operations and Improves safety of commuters. Furthermore, the Division’s core function is to manage designs and construction of Capital Projects. Public Transport Facilities provide a critical role in the transportation of people within the City of Ekurhuleni, ferrying an estimate of 70% of public transport users. These facilities are crucially important, therefore continuous improvement enhance public transport operations, a healthy working environment and safety for our commuters.

Public Transport Operations

Providing strategy on general policy regarding Public Transport Operations.

Optimizing and managing public transport system.

Providing Taxi Support Services.

Optimizing municipal bus services.


The Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN) division is responsible for the integration of all modes of Public Transport in the City, planning, monitoring and Implementation of IPTN infrastructure, Intelligent Transport Systems and Non-Motorised Transport. The IPTN Unit is also responsible for the roll out of the City’s Bus Rapid Transit project as well as industry transition. The main purpose of the division is to provide a good, safe, inclusive, reliable and cost effective transport systems to the City of Ekurhuleni’s commuters.


Purpose – Finance Division is responsible for providing financial management support and overseeing that all financial aspects of the department are adhered to;

Key Performance Area’s for the Division amongst others include – financial planning and financial legislative compliance; financial project implementation strategies; managing capital and operating budgeting processes; monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting to internal and external stakeholders as informed by MFMA and other legislation,  revenue and expenditure management; supply chain management; asset management; financial modelling, managing internal and external audit processes.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) project has the following objectives by providing:

Fully functional and operational Automatic Fare Collection system (AFC)

Fully functional and operational Advanced Public Transport Management system (APTMS)

Fully functional and operational Transport Management Centre (TMC)

Fully functional and operational ICT backbone to support all the Intelligent Transport System equipment; and

Fully functional and operational Universal Traffic Control (UTC) system, which will enable bus priority on the IRPTN.

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