Open Tenders (Over R750 000)

Please note that all bid documents can be downloaded via this website for free. As at 25 November 2016, all information and briefing sessions are no longer compulsory, and no bidder can be disqualified for not attending these sessions. All bids received timeously will be evaluated.

Tenders are part of a competitive bidding process and are for above R750 000. Enquiries must be directed to Department of Finance: Tender Office

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Ekurhuleni Finance Department has relocated its Head Office from Woburn Street in Benoni to corner Victoria and Odendaal streets in Germiston. To drop of tender documents and other finance related matters, please visit the new offices.

New Address: Golden Heights Building, 141 Victoria Street (Corner Victoria & Odendaal), Germiston
Tel: 011 999 6540/656775

A-EE 21-2024

Bid Number: A- EE 21-2024 Description: The appointment of Electrical Contractors for the Electrification Projects in the City of Ekurhuleni on an as-and-when required basis

A-EE 22-2024

Bid Number: A-EE 22-2024 Description: The appointment of a Panel of Contractors to assist the City of Ekurhuleni’s Energy Department with the New Construction and

A-RS 06-2024

Bid Number: A-RS 06-2024 Description: The appointment of service providers for the Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Roads of the CoE on an as and when

A-RS 07-2024

Bid Number: A-RS 07-2024 Description: The appointment of service providers for Repairing Surfaces and the Replacing of Failed Foundation Layers of Surfaced Roads in City

A-RS 08-2024

Bid Number: A-RS 08-2024 Description: The appointment of contractors for the Upgrading and Construction of Roads and Stormwater Infrastructure in City of Ekurhuleni on an

PS-EE 16- 2024

Bid Number: PS-EE 16- 2024 Description: Appointment of Consulting Electrical Engineers to provide Professional Services for Electrical Reticulation Infrastructure Projects and Electricity Masterplan of Various

A-ICT 02-2024

Bid Number: A-ICT 02-2024 Description: The appointment of a service provider for Supply, Delivery, Installation, Configuring, Commissioning and Maintenance of New and Existing Wi-Fi (Indoor

A-F 02-2024

Bid Number: A-F 02-2024 Description: The appointment of Qualified Electricity Disconnection Contractors on an as and when required basis from date of award until 30