Chief Whip of Council Ald Khetha Shandu

The newly elected Whip of Council, Alderman Khetha Shandu, comes from humble beginnings and has diligently worked his way up.

Ald Shandu grew up in rural KwaZulu-Natal in eDumbe where he started his schooling career at Bilanyoni Primary School.

Before he shifted his interest to politics, Ald Shandu worked in the corporate sector for over 12 years in the logistics and insurance industries.

He has been a resident of Ekurhuleni since 2001, where he lived in Thembisa as a backyard dweller until 2016 where he came face-to-face with the challenges faced by most Ekurhuleni residents.

Ald Shandu has been a councillor in Ekurhuleni since 2011 and has held numerous positions of leadership within local government structures. His experience in local government and knowledge of the City’s policies provides a good basis to manage the important task of managing Council Whippery and ensuring cohesion and stability between the Executive and Legislative branches of local government.

With years of legislative experience, Ald Shandu is confident that he will positively contribute to the processes of Council, and promote amicable engagements between political parties that will ultimately result in better service delivery to the City’s residents.

He brings energy and rigour to the position which will augur well for the Whip’s authority to ensure and promote consensus between the different political parties by improving coordination and communication between them. In addition, and along with the role of Speaker of Council, Ald Shandu will diligently ensure adherence to Council’s Code of Conduct.