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Public Notices

Alpha index Policy 01 July 2022
Annexure E1 Medium Term Policy (Reviewed)
Annexure E2 Pricing Policy
Annexure E3 Property Rates Policy
Annexure E4.1 Provision of free Basic Electricity
Annexure E4.2 Provision of free Basic Water Supply Services_
Annexure E5 – Waste Management Tariff Policy May 2022
Annexure E6 Consumer Deposit Policy
Annexure E7 Indigent Support Policy (002) KOL
Annexure E8 CR Control Debt Collection Policy
Annexure E9 Provision for Doubtful Debt and Debt Write Off
Annexure E10 Budget Implementation and Monitoring Policy
Annexure E11 Municipal Entity Financial Support Policy
Annexure E12 – Accounting Policy (Reviewed)
Annexure E13 – Electricity Metering for Residents
Annexure E14 Vending of Pre Paid DElectricity
Annexure E15 Correction of Meter Reading and Billing Data (00000002)
Annexure E16 Electricity Tariff Policy
Annexure E17 Virement Policy (Reviewed)
Annexure E18 Consumer Agreement Policy
Annexure E19 Supply Chain Management
Annexure E20 Treasury Policy
Annexure E21 S67 Funds Transfer (Grant-in-Aid)
Annexure E22 Asset Management Policy (Unchanged)
Annexure E23 Cost Containment Policy
Annexure E24 Policy for the Wheeling of Electricity Amended 20-5-22
Annexure E25 Guideline for Small Scale Embedded Generation19-5-22
Annexure E26 Ekurhuleni Community Enterprise Fund Policy
Annexure E27 Long Term Funding Strategy Policy
Local Authority Notice
Gazette notice