Energy Department

The City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (CoE) is, in terms of Part B of Schedule 4 of the Constitution, responsible for the electricity reticulation function for the whole of its jurisdictional area. This means that the municipality bears the responsibility to ensure that electricity reticulation services are provided to all consumers within its area of jurisdiction. The CoE distributes electricity to its customer base through an internal mechanism which is a department headed by a professional engineer.

The purpose of the Energy department is:

  • to distribute electricity in an effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable manner
  • to apply appropriate standards
  • to make optimal use of resources
  • to be guided by the principles of “Batho Pele”,
  • to consider the environmental and developmental needs
  • to address services backlog of the communities.

Strategic focus of Department:

Long Term Strategic Goals:

  • The City will provide excellent (reliable and sustainable) electricity services.
  • The City will improve accessibility to electricity
  • The City will lead the way in green issues/renewable energy
  • The City will inspire effective corporate governance
  • Organisational excellence

Strategic Directions:

The department proposes the following five goals over the next five years:

  • Reliable and constant supply of electricity

Deliver excellence in service by expanding, upgrading and maintaining the electricity network. The city’s electrical assets and infrastructure will be well managed and resilient

  • Improve accessibility to electricity

New, existing developments and informal settlements electrified and high masts or streetlights installed. Solar power introduced to the informal settlements.

  • Environmental wellbeing

Integrate sustainable practices into the delivery of electricity and contribute to the concept of “green city”

  • Effective corporate governance

Create a positive and safe work environment focused on excellence in community engagement free from corrupt activities and malpractices

  • Organisational excellence

To ensure that staff, facilities, equipment and processes support the effective delivery of our services and that our institution remains financially sustainable

The 5 year priorities and deliverables of the Energy department is as follows:

Key performance indicator

Key strategic interventions

Unaccounted for electricity

Removal of illegal connections; monitor possible tampering with meters, reduction of interim meter readings.

Number of PV solar lighting units installed in informal settlements

Identify informal settlements for installation

Installed capacity of alternative/renewable power

Conclude power purchase agreements; install photovoltaic solar panels on Council owned buildings roof tops

Number of households electrified: informal/subsidised

Electrify informal settlements that have been re-blocked; electrify houses constructed by Human Settlements Dept and Province.

Number of street lights installed

Linked with electrification

Number of high mast lights installed

Linked with electrification

%age downtime of network availability

Maintain/improve security of distribution equipment; refurbishment or repair of medium and high voltage cables

Our Customers

Electricity is supplied to a variety of customers:





Religious Organisations

Non-Governmental Organisations



HOD Energy

Office of the HoD

Ensuring that the lights stay on and that there is enough energy for the whole of the City is Head of Department Tshilidzi Thenga..

Planning Services

Divisional Head: Mr Innocent T Mulaudzi

  • Ensure that the CoE main grid is expanded to cope with new electrical load, such as electrification
  • Expand on CoE electrification, street light grid and high masts

Alternative and Renewable Energy

  • Ensure sustainable Energy supply by expanding to renewable generation options
  • Energy efficiency to CoE owned installations (street lights, building lights, solar geysers, etc.)

Revenue Services

Mr Siphelele Nxele

  • Ensure sustainability of Energy through effective metering, prepayment vending, tariffs
  • Reduce illegal connections, mitigate safety aspect for the community
  • Identify means to improve on electricity revenue

Operations and Maintenance

Divisional Head: Mr Mduduzi Mncube

  • Keep the CoE electricity grid reliable, by implementing preventative maintenance and refurbishment
  • Maintain street lights, respond to electricity outage complaints
  • Adhere to National Energy Regulator of SA license conditions
  • Maintain distribution substations, high, medium and low voltage electrical distribution equipment
  • Protect and secure CoE electrical network.

Department Contacts

Office of the HoD:

Operations & Maintenance:

Energy Projects & Master Planning:

Revenue Services: