Supply Chain Management


What must you do to become a supplier to Ekurhuleni? If you are not registered as a supplier to the City you need to do the following:

  1. Fill in a supplier registration form, which can be downloaded from the website, or collect in person from the City:

Brakpan Civic Centre

2nd Floor Administration Building   
Cnr Elliot & Escombe Street 

  1. The following original documents need to accompany the form on submission:
  • Valid tax clearance certificate
  • Company registration
  • Proof of banking details on company name
  • Latest statement of services account or lease agreement
  • Certified copies of shareholders’ IDs
  • Proof of reference for previous experience, if any.
  1. What must you do with the forms?

Hand them in at:

Brakpan Civic Centre

2nd Floor Administration Building    
Corner Elliot and Escombe Street

  1. Need more information?

For more information call:

  • +27(0)11 999 3476/4055



The Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations set a minimum standard that all municipalities have to adhere to.

Bidders must comply with all administrative requirements otherwise your bid will be disqualified.


Give all required personal and company information, including:

  • Full names and identification numbers of all directors;
  • Company or other registration numbers; and
  • Tax reference number and VAT registration number (if applicable).


  • Submit:
  • Valid B-BBEE certificate from a B-BBEE accreditation agency. Exempted Micro Enterprises must submit an affidavit stating their turnover and black ownership level.
  • Valid, original tax clearance certificate.
  • MBD4 form – ‘Declaration of Interest’ – this form requires you to disclose whether you are employed by the state, whether you know someone who might be involved in bid evaluation, whether your municipal accounts are in order and various other conflict of interest related matters.
  • MBD8 form – ‘Declaration of bidder’s past supply chain management practices’ – this form requires disclosure on whether the bidder has any convictions related to fraud or corruption or whether previous contracts have been cancelled due to failure to perform or other reasons.
  • MBD9 form – Certificate of independent bid determination is a statement certifying that there has not been any collusion or other anti-competitive practices.
  • Sign at all the required places, especially the pricing schedule.

For enquiries email:



Quotations are for above R30 000 but below R200 000. In terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 Circular No 81 all municipalities and municipal entities should implement the use of the Central Supplier Database.

An invitation is extended to all suppliers interested in conducting business with Ekurhuleni to:

  1. Register with National Treasury Database
  2. Submit current Declaration of Interest Form

Declaration of interest forms must be submitted at the following address:

5 Junction Road