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What makes a good curriculum vitae (CV)?


Is it how it looks and presented or it’s length?

Human Relations experts say there is no one perfect way of putting together a CV.

But there are some helpful guidelines that one can follow to improve the chances of being noticed.


Tell your story

  • What have you learnt in the past;
  • What skills have you developed through your journey;
  • Give clear examples of how you applied your knowledge and skills to reach your goals or targets;
  • Describe what you achieved in each of the roles you have held in your career; and
  • Say what you learnt while you were in those roles that would be relevant to the position you are applying for.

Be truthful

  • Ignore the temptation to inflate or add on to your experience and achievements;
  • Recruiters can pick-up exaggerations and inconsistencies quickly and they will do a background check on you; and
  • Do not disqualify yourself from opportunities. Simply present your story for what it is. 

Presentation matters

  • There are many freely available templates to guide you towards putting together a professional CV;
  • Use plain language and be as clear as possible;
  • Keep your CV simple and easy to follow; and
  • Remember that the purpose is not to make it look pretty; it is to make it easy to follow and understand.

A well-presented CV is your only chance at making it past the first rung of a job application process. Follow these simple steps to make yourself attractive to recruiters