East Fashion Week Honoured by Gauteng Province

The East Fashion Week, an annual event hosted by the City, was honoured with the 2020 Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Award in December for excellent work done in supporting grassroots designers.

Eastfashionweek was initiated and managed by the City of Ekurhuleni’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Division for creative industries.

It provides access to the market for local fashion designer brands as well as showcasing platforms, online promotions and access to direct markets. #SUPPORTLOCAL is their awareness campaign to highlight the importance of supporting local artists, creatives and designer brands.

“We are very proud and excited for this award and we pride ourselves by providing a platform and a market for the up and coming artists to showcase their new and hottest fashion designer brands to hit the fashion market,” said Melusi Mbhele from Eastfashionweek.

“Fashion is not something that only exists in clothes.  It is also in the street among cultural and historical monuments and sites, art, public art and protest art of Ekurhuleni. It is in the traditions and customs, social gathering spaces, cultural gathering space and is in the architecture and the industrial landscape of Ekurhuleni. Some of the designers who were given a platform to showcase their talent in fashion were Veza Fashions, DOP Fashions, amongst others,” Mbhele said.

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