Kwamkhancwa Residents Join Hands to Address Illegal Dumping

People residing in areas exposed to illegal dumping are prone to numerous diseases.

Community members of Kwamkhancwa informal settlement near Brakpan have organised themselves into a concerned group that tackles illegal dumping head on by cleaning all the open spaces that have been turned into illegal dumping spots.

The city provides residents of Kwamkhancwa informal settlement with refuse bags on weekly basis to contain their refuse and waste removal truck comes through once a week.

Godfrey Mangisi (42) is a community leader that facilitates cleaning of illegal dumping spots around the community due to his passion for cleanliness.

“Just because we stay in an informal settlement does not mean we should live in a dirty place. We may not have the wheelie bins but we utilise the refuse bags provided by the municipality to contain our refuse and ensure that all illegal dumping spots are always clean,” said Mangisi.

Mangisi said the city must continue to support them to keep their neighbourhood clean.