The City carried out intensive crime prevention, traffic law and bylaw enforcement operations over the festive season netting over 900 arrests.

From 1 December to 5 January, EMPD made 987 arrests which included 406 for miscellaneous crimes, 437 for drinking and driving, 40 for possession and dealing in narcotics, 108 for excessive speeding and 186 pedestrians for being on the freeways.

Unfortunately 47roadusers died on the roads, including 13 drivers, three motorcyclists, 17 passengers, a cyclist and 14 pedestrians. Thirteen vehicles were in a single motor vehicle accidents, three in head-on collisions and three pedestrians were run over on the freeway. More than 70% of fatal collisions occurred between 22h00 and 5am.

EMP stopped and searched 13 972 and over 25 000 spot summonses were issued. In addition, 33 stolen and hijacked vehicle were recovered and three unlicensed firearms. EMPD speed cameras captured 108 071 vehicles for driving over the speed limit.

Narcotics in the form of crystal methamphetamine, khat, mandrax, dagga, ecstasy, nyaope and dagga with a street value at R982 000 were seized from 40 suspects.

With holiday makers returning home and increasing traffic volume, the EMPD has since 4 January beefed up numbers on the N3, R21, N12 and R59 freeways to monitor and ensure the safety of roadusers.