The City of Ekurhuleni calls on all municipal account defaulters to pay up or face increased action, which includes the cutting of services.

Debt management interventions are being intensified against all account defaulters to ensure the City’s financial sustainability and the continued delivery of quality public services.

The City will embark on a new SMS and email campaign entitled #PayYourPart, reminding those to pay by the pending due date if they have not yet done so and encouraging those in arrears to pay up if they can or to approach the City to discuss payment options.

Account holders who have yet to pay or make arrangements to settle their debts will have their water restricted and electricity supplies disconnected until proof of payment on their accounts is provided to the City.

The City will continue to intervene to establish a payment culture in our communities. Residents are encouraged to visit their nearest Customer Care Centre for advice and guidance if they have any queries regarding their arrears.

Customers wishing to pay their municipal accounts can do so at the City’s Customer Care Centers. Customers may also make payments at retail stores using the new third-party payment option, Pay at and Cigicell using the prefix 11544 and the municipal account number at applicable outlets.

Customers can pay their municipal bills at the below retail stores:

•         Ackerman’s

•         Boxer

•         Builders Warehouse

•         Cambridge Food Checkers

•         Game

•         Makro

•         PEP

•         Pick n Pay

•         Rhino Cash N Carry Shoprite

•         Spar

Alternatively, for more convenience, customers are encouraged to register at to view their current account balance, download statements and make payments through the Siyakhokha portal.