City’s 20th Celebration


Over the past 20 years, the City has amplified resources to tackle waste management services by establishing over 30 mini dumping sites across to fight increasing illegal dumping spots.

These public off-loading facilities are a catalyst of promoting cleanliness and eradicating the scourge of illegal dumping in residential areas. Construction of these sites allows residents to enjoy amenities such as drive through ramps, skip bins, paving, fence and gate.

These facilities receive waste from the residents of the area they based in. The waste is transported onto the sites and off-loaded by residents into the bulk containers provided.

Residents can dispose of the following at the sites free of charge – garden waste, rubble less than 1m3, recyclable paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, wood and metal.

The sites are open seven days a week, including public holidays, except on Christmas Day.

During the months of April to September the sun sets earlier and it becomes too dark and unsafe for the public and staff due to reduced visibility. Therefore, the operating hours for the sites have been categorized into two, ie winter and summer:


April to September – 07h00 – 18h00

October to March – 07h00 – 19h00