Community Empowerment

A Leaking Tap Means Clean Water Going Down the Drain

There is a considerable amount of water that goes unaccounted for in cities and towns around the world. There are various reasons for this, including negligence by consumers and unwillingness to take responsibility for the environment and shared resources.

Acting responsibly does not end with what directly affects yourself, it extends to acting responsibly toward shared resources such as the environment and public infrastructure.

Equally, saving water is not only about what is in one’s household or property but refers also to what is in their community. That is the reason the City encourages members of the community all year round to report water leakages or burst pipes, sewer spillages and misuse of government infrastructure.

Fixing a leaking tap

If you find yourself having to close a tap tighter and tighter with no effect on the dripping, it is most likely a worn washer that needs replacing.

Firstly, it is very important to turn the water off everywhere in the house and to close the water mains.

 You will need the following tools:

  • pliers with adjustable jaws;
  • a vice grip;
  • a shifting spanner of the correct size; and
  • a screwdriver.