Community Empowerment

City Turns Illegal Dumping Into Money Making Opportunity

The City is serious about educating residents about the dangers posed by illegal dumping.

Through an educational drive the City hopes to change chronic illegal dumping, which is not only harmful to the environment but also a sore sight.

“Despite a successful roll out of the 240ℓ wheelie bins to all residents, illegal dumping still persists,” observes Divisional Head for Waste Management Services Mandisa Phosa.

She said the educational drive will show residents that the trash being dumped could open opportunities to make a living.

“Recycling is the way to go. We will highlight means and ways to make waste useful through the recycling programmes facilitated by the City, also the council-owned facilities that can be accessed to dispose of waste for free,” she said.

In an effort to mitigate illegal dumping bulk walk-in containers have been placed at open spaces in informal settlements to encourage recycling and avoid illegal dumping.  The big green walk-in bulk containers serve three purposes that contributes to the conservation of the environment.

“Firstly, the containers provide a safe storage for refuse that would otherwise be dumped illegally in an open space. Secondly, it serves as a recycling centre for waste reclaimers staying in the nearby informal settlement. Thirdly, it serves as a storage facility for waste pickers’ working tools,” said the divisional head.