Community Empowerment

Open A Chapter On Libraries

The City concluded Library Week on 31 March under the theme of ‘Libraries Matter’ at the Alberton Council Chamber.

Together with Gauteng Library and Information Services, the City decided to use the last day of March to educate and create awareness on the importance of reading as well as encourage members of the community to make use of the many libraries and their services in the City.

Speaking at the event, Divisional Head of Library and Information Services Karin Muller said it is important to learn to adopt a culture of reading in order to increase literacy and to make sure that children also read at home.

Some of the services libraries offer to include borrowing books for a duration of 14 days and returning when that time lapses so that others can also have the chance to enjoy them.

Services such as press reader are available currently in the Springs, Germiston and Alberton libraries, and the plan is to roll it out to all of the City’s libraries. Press reader gives you access to more than 7 000 newspapers. Most libraries also provide study sections where you can sit and study or do projects.

Those who prefer to visit libraries can register for a drop-and-collect service, which simply means that you can borrow any library material and use it in the comfort of your own home and then return by dropping it off at the library box.

For any information about library services please contact your nearest library or email